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Photo A Stephanie Hassan KA3WMS stands near the Kenwood TS-140 she shares with her dad, Joe Hassan KA3RYY,

Photo C, Reverend Git Pries WAGRKD at his rig with some members of the Royal Rangers.

Inspirational Hamming

The Reverend Gii Pries WA6RKD of Los Angeles, blind since birth, taught himself to play ihe guitar and accordion before he was 10. In a recent article in the Los Angeles Daily News, WA6RKD was quoted as saying that his music . , was another way to communicate. When I play

Prolific Teacher

Aflen Wintersteen KL7lEf started a ham club at the high school in Bethel. Alaska, 12 years ago Now he's in his second year of teaching radio fundamentals to students in the Kilbuck school.

This year s new crop of hams are: Joshua Morris WL7BWL; Ty Hülse WL7BWR; Muddassfr Abn'azee WL7BWG; Denise Cambell WL7BWN. Julien Jacobs WL76WF Sara E I s wo r t h WL7BWT, Kip Hülse WL7BWS Sterling Graham WL7BWO, Brandon Power WL7BWQ. Yvonne Mockta WL7BWM. Jaclyn Mojin WL7BWX. Christy Helper WL7BWP, Danny Helper WL7BWP Davy Helper WL7BWV, Edwin Hahn WL7BWJ. and Roben Aloysius WL78VVH Three adufts also received their licenses: Carol

Stephanie Hassan KA3WMS of Sharon, Pennsylvania, passed her Novice exams last July, She and her dad, Joe Hassan KA3RYY—who, by the way. would like to express his thanks to Ed. their elmer—share the same station.

Besides her interest in amateur radio, 11-yearold Stephanie "collects cats.' and wouid like to be a vet She also collects stamps, and she enjoys btcycling and swimming.

Stephenie KA3WMS,, a sixth-grader, is on the honor roll at school. Jn particular, she excels in math, fTNX Joe KA3RYY.)

and sing, the music really seems to affect people." At 42, he is now a keyboard virtuoso as well, and he has produced an album of religious music.

In 1970. Gil WA6RKD graduated from Bethany College in Santa Cruz, California. Presently, Gil is minister at the First Assembly of God Church in Burbank. California

One of Gil WA6RKO's greatest joys is the Royai Rangers, Sponsored by the Assemblies of God, Pentecostal, and other Christian churches, the Royal Rangers is a nationwide club for boys aged five to 17. Amateur radio, yet another way to communicate, is an activity Gil shares with the boys. (TNX&ifl Pasternak WA6ITF, with credit to the Los Angeles Daily News and the Valley Good Guys ARC Gazette^

Helper WL7BWJ, Greg Lee WL7BWK, and Cameron Cambell WL7BWU*

Bethel, a community of 4,000 people located in western Alaska, is accessible only by boat or airplane. At a time of great cultural change amid a severe winter cii-

Photo B. Michael Johnson N4YZW has a tot of fun with hts HT.

Attention Getter

Michael Johnson's uncle >^ndy Zorca WJ9J, challenged him to get his Technician Class license, promising him an HT if he drd For six months, eight-year-old Michael studied theory and code with his parents. Paul N4YGG and Althea N4YHY. Ten days after passing his Novice exams he passed the Technician exams. He was very excited about getting his license in the mail so he could talk on his uncle s 440 repeater

Michael N4YZW isn't shy about taking his HT anywhere and talking on it. Recently, m line at K-Mart with a friend, he talked to his father on the radio His dad stated that he was several miles away, which elicited some curious stares. One child asked his mother, "Is that a real radio?"

On several occasions, someone has seen his radio at his side and asked, "Is that your walkie* talkie?'1 When he replies, "No, it1s my HT/1 he gets bewildered looks.

Michael wants to upgrade to General soon, eventually getting his Extra Class. (TNX Paul N4 YGG of Hixson, TennesseeJ

mate, amateur radio activity enriches and helps stabilize the community.

The Anchorage Ar:ateur Radio Club, and Roger Hansen KL7HFQ in particular, have helped keep the kids on the air with donations of radio equipment

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Photo D Kilbuck School hams display their catI letters with their teacher. Alien Wintersteen KL7I& (far left),

Review by Bill Clarke WA4BLC

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