FT-767 GX Gen FT-757GXIJ FT-7Q0Ü FT-2Î2RH FT-712RH FT-290H FT 23 FT 736fl. FT-4 70 FT-7 FRO

FRG960ÛUHF FT690R/H FT 790 R/H FT J 700 Dual Band FT £ Meier HT FT BT 1 -WO HT

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Photo B. The feedpoint. 16 feet above the ground, circumvents the need for an impedance matching network


Usuallyi broadband antennas are not very efficient, but this one is. Since the antenna is ground independent, ali you need for 75/40 is the three counterpoise wrres, as mentioned, which you can string in any manner as long as they do not double back on themselves or cross each other

If you do any shortwave listening or other monitoring in the 3.5-30 MHz range, this antenna will perform very welt.

This would be a good antenna for portable use. Since it doesn't have to be tuned, set-up would be easier You'd need a stout carrier for rough handling, but you could make one out of heavy PVC. Also it's a good idea to bring along a friend to help lift it into position.

Since it is a vertical, the GAP DX-VI will not do as well as a dipole for close-in work (under 800-1000 miles or so), but it will do better than a dipote for QSOs over 1000 miles away, it works on 2 meters, too!

The GAP antenna performed a lot better than others i've used. If I could have only one antenna, I would definitely rather have this one. The )ack of lossy coils, and Ihe coverage of a very wide part of 75 meters by an all band vertical, impressed me more than a tittle! El

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