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For the past few months, a ham down m Virginia has been writing and calling the 73 offices. After some rather lame insufts directed at Wayne (and some very strange commenls lumping John Kennedy, Jimmy Carter Rschard Nixon. Ronald Reagan and George Bush into the same poltiical category), he asks us to reprint a petition that was filed with the FCC, requesting an expansion to the Novice/ Tech phone privileges on 10 meters. The following is an excerpt from his letter:

"I own a Radio Shack HTX-100 transceiver, whichH af mosi, puts out 25 Witts. . / am forced to operate at tow power with a % wave vertical antenna I can afford to purchase a much better transceiver, but I five so close to my neighbors that I must operate ORP Novice and Technician operators are bemg totally clobbered out of contacts *vrth other Novices and Technicians by General. Advanced and Extra Ctass amateurs' 73 Magazine. and Wayne Green, overt/yand coventy clobber anyone and everyone in amateur radto who don "r share their Country Club Republican values <.e if you dort't own $50.000 of 'amateur equipment, and a S750.OOO suburban estate to install it on, you am t worth tatkin'tor

He goes on to insult Wayne, 73, and |us! aboul everyone who he thinks is to blame for his lousy results on 10 meters (I won't bore you with the rest of it). He is also quite angry thai, even though Wayne wrote to him personally with some helpful suggestions, we have yet to respond to him in the pages Of 73- I hope he will consider this an "official published response1': Lighten up, pall

We're talking ham radio here, noi brain surgery! Who ever promised you you'd have a deaf frequency? if oper-aimg on the rest of the 10 meter band is so important to you, upgrade to Gener* a! Class Why not strive to do the best with what you have, instead of blaming everyone but yourself for your lack of success7 (How anyone could not be successful on 10 meters for the last two yeafs is beyond me. Do you ihmk this guy migM nave his antenna plugged i nio his microphone jack?) tf you pul as much effort into studying for your General ticket as you do into writing long-winded letters, you'd be on 20 meters with the rest of the weirdos by now (my apologies 10 all the nice people who Operate on 20 meters—the weirdos know who Ihey are).

Now that I've got that out of my system (or at least suppressed for Ihe time being), let s take a look at the one point thai ihis gentlemen raises (hat deserves some serious thought Can a NovicerTech get on the air, make contacts and have fun, without an antenna farm ihe size of Southforks Ranch and

David CassidyNlGPH

a cash outlay for equipment the size of Fort Knox? The answer yes How do I know? I've been domg it for years

The Low Budget Ham

My first amateur radio station was a borrowed Heath HW-16 and a l 5 meter dipole strung outside my bedroom window Total cost to my 13-year-old pocket about two bucks for the wire (somebody gave me the 12 feet of coax I used as a lead-in ) Did I work the world? No Did i have a blast working Texas? Yesl

For the past two years I have been operating almost exclusively in the Novice/Tech portion of 10 meters (that's where most of the action has been). I have over one hundred DX countries (some of them worked, with much patience, in the middle of pile-ups) My "super-expensive-deiuae" ng? A Heath HW-101 that my Dad buift about 15 years ago. Total output on 10 meters? About 50 watts. My 'spacious antenna array" ? A full-wave oop. cu! 'or 10 meters, fed vith 400 ohm ladder line through a used MFJ tuner, wrapped around the insioe of my bedroom window in the middle of Hamden, Connecticut. (One of the fringe benefits of moving to New Hampshire to work for Wayne is that 1 am finally able 10 put up some outside antennas i

Let's look at the total cash outlay to duplicate this station: Used HW-101—$150 (I ve seen dozens of them for this price} Used antenna tuner—$40 (or build or buy a new one for not much more)

Used SWR Meter—$30 Used Microphone—$40 Wire Antenna—$5 (this is high, but

Jet's not pick nils) Ladder Line—$20 (this should give you enough for 4 antennas) Toiai Cost: S285

Any hardworking 10-year-old wrth a paper route can save $285 in a couple of months I used this station for over two years, operating from a one-bedroom apaiiment. No. \ wasn t the loud-esi s gnai on the band, but every 5-8 report was a personal triumph. I go I a great deal of satisfaction selling sia-nons all over the world wha! my se! up was. Most of them took a few seconds out from working the pife-ups to congratulate me on doing so well with so little. Not once did 1 feel like I needed a more elaborate station. Instead of complaining about my aniiquated gear, indoor antenna, noisy power lines and lack of any real ground system, I just decided to work around the obstacfes and have some fun. I learned a lol in those two years. \ made some good friends, too I learned something about radjo and electronics from each one of I hem. i was having a baltt

Isn't that what amateur radio is all aboul?

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