1M344 * The Radio Amateur Antenna Handbook by William Orr WaSAI Stuati Cowan W2LJC Yagi beam theory, construction, opcrjtion. Wire beams. SWR curves, Matching systems A L'must'' tor fifcrious DXers $11,50

I OA 346 * Simple, Low-cost Wire Antennas for Radio Amateurs hv William Orr W6SA1/ ' Smart Cowan W2LX

AH New! Low-cost, multi-band an

tennas; inexpensive beams h"Invisible" "toujh"

antennas for hams in local ii»ns! Sew data.

10A 342 * All About Vertical Antennas by William Orr W6SAtf Stuart Cowan W2I.X

Effective, low-cast verticalb 10160 in OX, multiband; compact Verticals for small spaces: grounding.: test equipment;, lightening

I oa 347 * All About VHF Amateur Radio by William Orr WfiSAl

UX propagation, VHF Yugi and Quad bcamst repeater^ dnd h'^v. the; work, OSCAR iatclljifs [(rid how to use them, £11.95

IGA24 » Vertical Antenna Handbook, 2nd Edition by Paul H l ee WPL

A classic. Reprinted ^iLh updates, including am addendum on untenna design lor I6i) meters. AImt, feeding and mjtehi]i^. shtsrc verticals, ^mitml effects, ion] more. 139 pages, paperback.

09"V IE * The Basic Guide to VHRUHF Ham Radio by Edward M Soil This biMk provitley ll ilrsi rate iti-iroducLt^n lite ofl the 2:6 and

1 25 Wjeterbands its well as 23, 33, and 70 OH. S630

(HMH * GGTE Morse Tutor

Floppy di^k for fBM PCP XTr AT. and compatibles Learn Tlie inter national M(?rsi? code <.ir improve your Cniipabtlittes One iliskette will y mi Irojin beginner thr^ligh ex ïra class in easy .self paced lessons. StLiiidurd m Flii'ii^Vtorth mode CLIJC speeds fmm I .(0 over lC»> words per m i nuLe. $ 19. 5ÎI

05EÙ4 * Crash Course tn Electronics Technology by LûUiS E. Frenztrl Jr. With a p rove h format of pro-gratnrTicd mstrucfit>n, ihis bt^ok teaches you the hn^jc^ of electricity and electronics in a step hy step, Casy-tO-und.cT£(ahd fasluun

01B03Ï * Talk To The World: Getting Started In Amateur Radio by James P. Dux K3JD and Morion Key se r Vîl/ft' Provides informâtit>n nnd practical (ips itn obtaining a novice license. Authors lake ihe mystery nul of iëchnicà] and pmç&htral a spects of ham raditi. £1J.5U

WS42 * The Scanner Listener's Handbook by Edward Sfwmr? NIB IF

Ciet thi1 ifio.sL r]ut of Vi)ur seamtci

radio. Covers getting started, scan ners and receivers, antennas, coax-

"sr--ifDc"- J-. = -■ !■ l/j&T-I" .jJ®/i■- Ïr ial cable, accessories, eomputcj ¡i i com rolled monitor ng, more.

03S2AS • Radiotelelype Press Broadcasts by Xfirhaft Schaay Covers schedules ci I^ess Services b> rime, freqikhcy. and country broadcasting m Rnglish. French, German, Spanish, and Pan ugue^t;. DélaiEed Prêts Agency Ptjrlrait.s.. 120 pp. £12.95

01C8G • Master Handbook of 10Q1 Circuits—Solid-State

Ed. b\ kendalt Webster Sessions Wilh ihis outstLiiLling refcrenLt'. in hand, electronics hobbyists and professionals will never Iuivl' lo search for -chernuiics agiiin. Corir-pletely updated, the book is thoroughly indexed ami all Ifiill ck lui is are clearly ^ustrated, 42l)pp

5ft soft co ver i i TSK + Tune in on Telephone

Ca Its by 1 um kriciit t K2A ES

Fortrianed as a I'ruquencv list with detailed description ot each service and ¡is Ideation in RF spadtrum PrnvIdes basic irlbrmatiiïn for casual Listeners getying started and de-tiuls for ardent enthusiasts. &Î2.95

09P33 ■ The Pirate Radio Directory 1990 Edition by George teller

Contains data un some ÎtK) pirate stations active during 19K9. Htnvto tune in pi raie broadcasts and gei Qii Ls from ihe stations. £7,95

QIT01 * Transmitter Hunting: Radio Direction Finding Simplified by Joseph D Moell MOV awl Thomas V Curlw WBWZZ

336 pages, 2458 il lusts. U?vS0

03K20S * Gtilde to Radioteletype (flTTV) Stations by J, tiling*nfuss Updated book covers aN RTT'^ sta tiuns from 3MHz-30MHi. Press, Military, Gqimmercial, Meieo, PTTs, EmhaitsLes^ and more. 105 pp $l2+95

15S003 * Communications Satellites {3rd Edition)

by Larry Van Horn

CEmpiers on channelizatioij b;md pLLí^^J transponder identification, i]i I ernnti onai sati: !iilcs more. S7.00


How can the World s Best DX Map cost only £4.00? Obvj^ ously^ a serious blunder which you should take f«Jvantage of before we di^coyei it. 1 iiis is th^ only world map m htack and white so you can color in the countric.s as you work ihcni! Further, it h^ almost all ol the official ÏARU 4()0 countries on it, which no other map at any price has.

07A66 * Aeronautical

Communications Handbook by Robert E. Evans Exhaustive, scholarlv irejiment oi inhi>rtwave ycrorianlival listening Wet I rtrgani7.edr up to-dale.

0?li2tl * A Radio Journal 1912-Î940

By Rùis Renrtakrr W9CRC

A fascinating trip through time. Easy (o read and informative. cational Ltnd e menai mng, A inp down memory lane to (he carlv days of rad io. $7.95

20MÛ9O * Computing Across America by Steven K. Roberts N4NRVE Robert hu^ written articles fw 73 Magazine about ihe tec finical aspects of his US tour on his recunv bfcrrt bicycle Ci>vers his adven turcs, people be mel. and places he saw . If your Hfestyle seems a litiEe eon t] ri i nt.. read ( h is bo< >k VJ ■

i ihe \ w The "TopSecret" Registry of US Government Radio Frequencies (7th Ed.}

by Tom Kneth l K2AES This scanner dircet^ry ha^ become Lhe standard reference source tor Ireijijeney and ^-iht-r importaiH in format ¡Orp rclauntr lu the^nmunj-c at ion s or' federal agenciez. 25 to 470 M Hz. SW.95

D3SfM » The Hidden SignaBs on Satellite TV

by Thomas (', Harrington and Boh Cooper Jr. Tune in rhonsamk of Telepht>ne. D^ta. Telex Teletype. FHesimiie Si^nais un nuv.i of the TV Satellites; plus all wfceamers. Covers equipment, hookups. wherL1 Hi tune, 234 pages

0] P6S - Pirate Radio Stoliona: Tuning Into Underground Broadcasts^'* fl Voder

ConiprLihensive guide lo luniny in. identifying, and cdfi[acting the most unpredkrahlc station^ on ihe radio spectrum lL^rpp Sl2.ii0

ol -\7 it* Practical Antenna

Ha ndb ook by Joseph J Carr Design, biiild. modify, and uihcall y i ui r o^v n lu i te i n ta;-. Ca r r, a 20-y e; if veteran of technical w riling, hjs a tntiijbe ability to present coin pi m technical coiijCeplM in an easy-to-andersîaud waj >iifipp. S2l.5t>

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