Mhz Radio Direction Finding

★ Interference Location

★ Stuck Microphones

New Technology {patented} converts any VHF or UHF FM receiver into a sensitive Doppler shift radio direction findei Simply plug into receiver's antenna and external speaker ¡acks. Models available with computer inter?ace, synthesized speech, fixed site or mobile 108 MHz to 1 GHz. Call or write tor details.

nnDDI CD «VCTFMC iwr P.O. Bon 31819 (602) 488 9755

3YS1LIV13, 1INL. Phoenix. AZ 85046 FAX (602) 488-1295

circle 13 on reader service caro

The Best Value

PACKET RADIO • REPEATERS • PORTABLE R EA D Y-TO-GO-Pi e ass^mbied & pre tuned * RUGGED-Stainless steef & lighiwt- DEPENDABLE - Water & corrosion proof - PROVEN DESIGN-From ARRL Handbook, highest qlty. materials and workmanship.

Only $29.95

Money back guarantee Specify MAX14G, MAX220, or MAX440

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