COLOMBUS. OH The Columbus ARA W!|| operate Síation WBTO m coniunchon wrin ihe Columbus USA Festival The lesiival salutes the City of Columbus and ihe Explorer Christophe* Columbus Time Sat 00002-2400Z Sun WBTO will operate SSO ai the tesirvai from Sat 1500Z-03002 Sun . and from 150QZ-2400Z Sun Frequencies 7 2*0 14,340, 21 375. 20 500 MHz (all frequencies -10 kHz). Exchange name. QTH and signal report Commemorative OSL to aü who conFirm W8TÖconiact ano att SW ils *ho confirm f-eafing WÖTO. Certifícales to siatum who contact, and SWLt ^no near al least iQ Columbus stations, Wooing -V£T0 equate six contacts: each oand counis separately Plaque awarded lo the stii^jon that contacts I he most Golu mtau s stalro ns Add ress for OS L and Log submission Roger Dzwonczyk WB2E/G. 283 East Longview Ave.. Columbus OH 43202, USA Send an SASE (Si postage orí IRC) for OSL and certificate. Use 9"* 12-envelope for unfolded certificate Otherwise usa #10 envelope

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