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¡Scanner Sale

Uniden Corporation of America has purchased the consumer products line of Regency Electronics Inc. for $12,000,000. To celebrate this purchase, we're having our largest scanner saie in history! Use the coupon in thisadforbig savings. Hurry,„offer ends January 31, 1991.

Gef special savings on the scanners tisted in this coupon, This coupon mtt$t be included with your prepaid order Credit cards, personal checks and quantity discounts are excluded from this offer. Offer valid only on prepaid orders mailed directly I o Com man ica t ions Electronics Inc.. P.O. Box 1045 - Dept. UN/4, Ann Arbor, Michigan 4B106-1045 U.S.A. Coupon expires January 31, 1991. Coupon may not be used in conjunction with any other otter from CEI. Coupon may be photocopied Add $12.00 tor shipping in the continental U.S.A.

RELM RH6068-A $419.95

RELM RH2569-A ¡5294.95

B&arcat SOOXLT A $229.95

Bearcat 200XLT-A $229.95

Bearcat 10OXLT-A S1 79.95

Bearcat 70XLT-A $139.95

Bearcat 55XLT-A $99.95

Bearcat 210XLT A $1 64.95

Uniden CARD-AT $144.95

Uniden RD3XL-A1 $144.95

Uniden RD9XL-A $119.95

it it tit VALUABLE COUPON it it it it

Bearcat? 760XLT-A

List price $499.95/CE price $254.95/SPECIAL 12-Bmnd, 100 Charm*/ « Crystalleas • AC/DC

Frequencyrjngv 29-54,1 ' 74, 4Q6-S J Z 806-956 MHz. Excludes 8Z3.9875-849.0125 and 868.3875-894.01 25 MHz. The Bearcat 760XLT has 100 programmable channels organized as five channel banks for easy use, and 1 2 bands of coverage including the 800 MHz band. The ftearcaf 760XLT mounts neatly under the dash and connects directly to fuse block or battery The unit also has an AC adaptor, flip down stand and telescopic antenna for desk top use. 65/16" Wx 1V Hx7V D Model BC 590XLT-A1 is a similar version without the 800 MHz. band for a new low price of only $ 194 95. Order today.

NEW! Uniden® Telephones

AM470D-A Uniden answering machine £69.95

AM4&4 A Uniden answering machine. , £49.95

AM468V-A Uniden answering machine S49.95

AM460-A Uniden answering machine S49.35

AM4S0-A Uniden answering machine. .. £69.95

FMOO-A Untden feature phone $34.95

FP302-A Uniden feature phone £49.95

FPSSOS^A Uniden feature speakerphone. £43.95

FP322S-A Unideri feature speakerphone $59.95

XE57G-A Uniden cordless phone £74.95

XE422S-A Uniden cordless speakerphone $109.95

XE777S-A Uniaen cordless speakprphgne $109.95

KT2S0-A Uniden Family phone with ^11 feature . 95 FFISO-A Uniden Executive phone £39 95


List price $587 50/CE price $299.95/SPECIAL 16 Channel « 25 Watt Transceiver • Priority

The RELM RH256B is a sixteen-channel VHF (and mobile transceiver designed to cover any frequency between 1 50 to 1 62 MHz Since this radio is synthesized, no expensive crystals are needed to store up to 16 frequencies without battery backup. All radios come with CTCSS tone and scanning capabilities. A monitor and night/day switch ¡salso standard. This transceiver even has a priority function The RH256 makes an ideal radio for any police or fire department volunteer because of its low cost and high performance. A 60 Waif VHF 150-162 MHz version called the RH606B-A is available for $429.95. A UHF 1 5 watt, 16 channel version of this radio called the RU1 56B-A is also available and Covers 450-482 MHz. but the cost is $454.95.

'■■JV The Uniden line of Citizens Band Radio transceivers is styled to compJ[fnent other mobile audio eauipment. Uniden CB radios are so reliable that they have a tvvc year limited warranty. From the feature packed PRO 310E to the310E handheld, there is no better Citizens Band radio on the market today.

PR0310E-A Uniden 40 Ch Portable/Mobite CB . $33.95 PR0330E-A Uniden AO Ch. Remote mount CB . .$104 95 ER100-A Uniden Emergency CB Mobile $49.95

GRANT-A Uniden 40 channel SSB CS mobile. . $166.95 PCt 22-A Uniden 40 channel SSB CB mobile., . $11 9.95 PR051 0XL*A Uniden 40 channel CB Motsiie1.. . £36.95 PR051OAXL-A Un-den CB Mobile with antenna , £49.95 PROS20XL-A Untoen 40 Channel CB Mobifc .. . £56.95 PR0640E-A U niden 40 channel SSB CB Mobile . $137.95 PR061 OE-A Uniden 4Q channel SSB CB Base .. $1 74.95

Buy the finest Untden radar detectors from CEi today. RD3XL-A Uniden 3 band radar detector $ 1 59 95

RD8-A Umaen visor mount radar deteclor $39.95

RD9GTL-A1 Uniden "Pass porf' sue radar detect or £99.95 RD9XL-A1 Uniden-micro" size radar deieclor ... 24.95 RD27-A Un<den visor mount radar detector .. . $54.9$ RD9&GT-A Uniden remote mounl radardetector... S i 19.95 CARD-A1 Uniden credit card s^e radar detector.. Si 59.95

Bearcat® 200XLT-A

List price S509.95/CE price 5239,95/SPECIAL 12-Band, 2QO Channel * BOG MHz. Handheld Search * Limit • Hold * Priority * Lockout

Frequency range 29-54. t 18-1 74, 406-5 12. 806-956 MHz. Excludes 823 39 75-849 012S and 868.98 75-894.0", 25 MHz The Searcaf 200XLT sets a new standard for handheld scanners in performance and dependability This full featured unit has 200 programmable channels with 10 scanning banks and 12 band coverage. If you want a very similar model without the 800 MHz. band and 100 channels, order the BC 10OXLT-A for only $109.95. Includes antenna, carrying case wish belt iooph ni-cad battery pack, AC adapter and earphone Order your scannernow.

Bearcat® 800XLT-A

List price S549P95/CEpriceS239.95/SPEClAL

12-Band, 4O Channel • No*crystal scanner

Priority control • Search/Scan * AC/DC

Bands: 29-54, 118-174, 406-512, 806-912 MHz. Maw*..nothing excluded In th* BQQ-912 MHjr. band.

The Uniden 800XLT receives 40 channels in two banks.

Scans 1 5 channels per second- Size 9v*' x AW x 1 2Vj.'

With nothing excluded in The 806-912 MHz. band, this scanner ts an excellent choice for law enforcement agencies. Ff you do not need theSQO MHz. band, a similar model called the BC 21OXLT-A is available ioir$ 178.95.

NEW! Bearcat® 147XL-A

List price $ 139.95/CE price S94.95/SPECIAL 1Q-Bandr 16 Channel • No-crystal scanner Priority control • Wfeather search e AC/DC

Bands: 29-541 136-174. 406-512 MHz The Se^rcal 147XL is a 16 channel, programmable scanner covering ten frequency bands. The uniMeatures a built-in deJay function that adds a three second delay on all channels to prevent missed transmissions, A mobile version called the BC560XLTA featuring priority, weather search, channel lockout and more is availabJe for $94.95. CEI's package price includes mobile mounting bracket and mobile power coro.

NEW! Ranged RCI2950-A

List price $549.95/CE price S249.95/SPECIAL 10 Meter Mobile Transceiver ♦ Digital VFO Full Band Coverage • All-Mode Operation Backltt liquid crystal display • Auto Squelch HIT e 10 Programmable Memory Positions Frequency Coverage 28.0000 MHz to 29.6999 MHz.

The Hunger RCI2950 Mobile 10 Meter Transceiver by Ranger has everything you need for amateur radio communications. The RF Power control feature in the RCI295Q aliows you to adjust the RF output power continuously from 1 watt through a full 25 watts output on USB, LSB and CW modes. The RCI2950 also features a noise blanker, roger beep, PA mode and more. The Mic Gain Control adjusts the gain in transmit and PA modes to maximize talk power Digital VFO. Built-in S/RF/ MOD/SWR meter. Frequency selections may be made from a switch on the microphone orthe front panel. There is even a repeater split switch for repeater offsets. The RCI2950 lets you operate AM, FM, USB, LS6 or CW for full mode operation. The digitally synthesized frequency control gives you maximum stability. There's also RIT (Receiver incremental Tuning) to give you perfectly tuned signals. With memory channel scanning, you cam scan ten pre set frequencies to keep track of all the action. An optional CTCSS tone board is available (order # RTONE) for $59.95, For technical questions. call Ranger at 71 4-858-4419, Order your Ranger RCI2950 from CEI today.

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