Aea At-3000 Antenna Tuner Manual

Packet Radio TNC

Unique operating features with a proven hardware and software design make AEAs PK 88 your best choice in packet radio-now with MailDrop* an 3KByte efficient personal Mailbox. The PK-88 also allows mufLipte single frequency QSO'sr digipeating and networking, it s a superb value, packed w.thaii the most needed packei radio features such as direct interface capability with NET/ROM and TCP IP In addition to a1' the features of a "standard' TNC the PK-B8 offers features not found in any other TNC:

• WHYNOT command ■ Shows reasons why some received packets are not displayed

• ' Packet Dump Suppression"

- Prevents dumping unsent packets on the radio channel when the link fails.

• CUSTOM Command Allows limited PK-88 customization for non-standard applications,

• Enhanced MBX command-Permits display of the data in

I- and UMrames, without packet headers and without packet headers or retried frames,

• Enhanced MPRGTO command

- Suppresses display of non- ASCII packets from Level Three switches and network nodes

PK 232MBX Multi-Mode Data Controller

With over 40,000 units sold worldwide, the PK-232MBX is the world's teading multi mode data controller. Combining all amateur data communication modes in one comprenensive unit the PK-232M8X otters Morse Code Baudot, ASCII AMTOR/SITOR 476 and 625t HF and VHF Packet. WEFAX receive and trans* vr.'l TDM, as well as commercial standard f JAVTEX automated marine information services. All software is on ROM,

• 20 front panel status and mode LED indicators

• RS-232 compatible

• Exclusive SIAM™Signal Identification and Acquisition Mode

• I DM lime Division Multiplex decoding

• PakMail™ mailbox with selective control of third-party traffic

• FAX printing - supports most printers

• Host mode for efficient program control of the PK-232MBX

• KISS mode for TCP IP networking protocol compatibility

• 32K RAM lithium battery-backed

• Many features for the digital SWL

Aea Antenna Tuner

AT-300 and AT-3000 Antenna Tuners

For tuning perfection, choose AEAs AT-300 (300 watt) or AT-3000 (3 kW) antenna tuners. Quality and exceptional engineering are built-in for maximum performance and long operating life.

The low-pass design provides more harmonic attenuation for lower TVI and allows matching to a much wider range of antenna impedances than common high-pass designs.

The AEA tuners feature a frequency compensated dual-movement SWR meter for ease of tuning with a front panel power range switch, Minimal SWR is achieved by inductors with 18 (AT-300) and 20 {AT-3000) taps, AEAs exclusive patent pending CAM switch design on the AT 3000 provides accurate tuning. The built-in front panel antenna switch allows you to easily select two unbalanced (coax-fed) antennas, a dummy load or a balanced antenna.

Advanced Electronic Applications, Inc. 2006 i96thst sw/po. Box2i60LynnwoaawA98036 206-775-7373

Aea Antenna Tuner

ET-1 Antenna Tuner

300 Watts of All-Band Tuning

Meet your match with AEA's new ET-1 Ecpno-Tunw™. A quality, economical antenna tuner for under $150, the ET-1 Econo-Tuner is designed to match virtually any receiver transmitter or transceiver from 1.8 to 30 MHz with up to 300 watts of RF power.

Compatible with almost ANY antenna including verticals, dipoles, inverted vees, beams and mobile whips that are fed by coax cable, balanced lines or a single wire. For easy connection to balanced lines, a 4:1 balun is built-in.

A front panel switch control allows you to switch between two coax-fed antennas {direct or through the tuner). You can also switch to a balanced line or wire antenna. The BYPASS position allows you to switch to a dummy load (such as AEA's DL-1500 dry dummy load} or a direct connected coax antenna. In the BYPASS position, COAX 1 OUT or COAX 2 OUT can be selected so that the tuner is bypassed, but not the meter circuit.

The ET-1 features a precision dual-movement meter to simuttaneousiy monitor power and SWR.

Unique engineering designs have made AEA one of the leading innovators in the amateur radio industry. That same quality and superior technical support make the ET-1 your best deal for an antenna tuner

IsoPole Omni-Directional VHF and UHF Base Station Antennas

II^HfBfflt outstancfing mechani cal and electrical design make the IsoPole the best choice for an economical :omni-directionai VHF or B UHF base station antenna. All IsoPole antennas yield the maximum gain attainable for their respective lengths and a zero degree angle of radiation which puts the most signal on the horizon. Exceptional decoupling results in Simple tuning and a significant reduction in TVI potential. Decoupling cones offer great efficiency over obsolete radiais which radiate in the horizontal plane. The IsoPoles also have a broader frequency coverage than any comparable antennas. Typical SWR is 1.4 to 1 or better across the entire band!

vtj ■■■ ■■ ' '. ..■.'■ ■■' 1 ■ ■ ■'-■': ■ : 1 ■■' ^

Ail mounting hardware is stainless steel. The decou-piing cones and radiating eiements are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys. Aerodynamic cones are the only appreciable wind load and are attached directly to the support (a standard TV mast, not supplied).

IsoPoles are ideal for packet radio. The decoupling cones stop computer hash picked up by the outer shield of the coaxial cable from being passed to the receiver.

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