Π* US Military Communications (Part 3)

rhih par; completes [he vast overall requency fist of US Military m.t from KC to 27:944 CC; 78 pages.

SEWi) • 1990 Shortwave Directory 6th Edition by Bob Grove

Vn excel le ii I reference for North American shortwave listeners, this >Xer\ bible is crammed with up-■-da Le. accurate frequency and ser {^formation from IdKhtz to OKU? £19.50

fii.-\343 * All About Cubical Quad Antennas by William Ott W6SAf/ Stuart Cowan W2LX

The "Classic" (in Quad design.. 1 beory, const run inn, operation, hiew foot] and matchm/ .sysiesm.

New ditiLL.

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