2m/70cm Dual Band HT

The newTH-75A Dual Band HT from Kenwood is here now! Many of the award-winning features in our dual band mobile transceivers are designed into one hand-held package.

• Dual Watch function allows you to Fnonitor both bands at the same time.

• 1.5 watts on 2 meters and 70cm; 5 watts when operated on 12 VDC (or PB-8 battery pack).

• Large dual multi-function LCD display,

• 10 memory channels (or each band stores frequency, CTCSS. repeater offset, frequency step information, and reverse. A lithium battery backs up memories. Two memories for "odd split" operation.

• Selectable full duplex operation.

• Extended receiver range: 141-163.995 and 438-449.995 MHz; transmit on Amaleur band only, (Modifiable for MARS and CAP. Permits required Specifications guaranteed on Amateur bands only,)

• Uses the same accessories as the TH-25AT (except soft cases).

• Volume and balance controls, plus separate squelch controls on top panel

• Super easy-to-use! For example, to recall memory channel, just push the channel number!

• CTCSS encode/decode built-in!

• Automatic Band Change (ABC). Automatically switches between main and sub band when signal is present.

• Automatic offset selection on 2 meters.

• Tone alert system for quiet monitoring. When CTCSS decode is on. the tone alert will function only when a signal with the proper tone is received.

• Four ways to scan, including dual memory scant with time operated ot carrier operated scan stop modes, and priority alert,

• Automatic battery saver circuit extends battery life.

• Supplied accessories: Dual band rubber-flex antenna. PB-6 battery pack, wall charger, belt hook, wrist strap, water resistant dust caps.

Optional Accessories

• PB-5 72 V, 200 mAh NlCd pack for i 5 W output • PB-6 7.2 V, 600 mAh NiCd pack

12 V 600 mAh NiCd for 5 W output • PB-9 72 V 600 mAh NiCd with built-in charger * BC-1G Compact charger • BC-tl Rapid charger

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Complete service manua/s are available for alt Kenwood transceivers and most accessories

* BT-6 6 cell AA b:ittery case * DC-1/PG-2V DC adapter • HMC-2 Headset with VOX and PTT • SC-22 and SC-23 Soft case

• SMC-30/31 Speaker mics. * WFM Water resistant bag.



P.O. BOX 22745, 2201 E. Dommguez Street

Long Beach, CA 90801-5745

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