Transmitting Converters

XV2 for vhf and XV4 for uhf. Models to convert 10M ssb, cw, fm. etc. to 6M. 2M. 220. 43a 435 and for atv 1W outout. Kit only $79. PA's up to 45W available. Request catalog for complete listings.

' EXCITERS: kits

$99, w/t $169. 2W continuous duly. TCXO & xtsJ erven Options ava^able FCC fy De accepted for com'! uhl i hi bands,

- VHF S UHF AMPLIFIERS For fm. ssb. atv. Outout from 10W to 100W. Seve^'j] models, kits starting at $79

F M RECEIVERSikits $139, w/t $169.

- IR144/H220 FM RECEIVERS for 2M,

1 174.. or 2£0MHz. GaAs FET front end, 0.15uV sensitivity! Both crystal A ctiriimic it filters plus helical resonator front end for exceptional solecKvity i-100dBat ±\2kHz [best available anywhere!) Flutter-proof hysteresis sqje^ch: a3c tracks drift

■ R451 UHF FU RCVRr similar to above

- R9G1 902-92BMHz FM RCVR

Triple-conversion, GaAs FE7 front end. . R76 ECONOMY FM RCVR 1 1W 6M, 2M, 220MHz, o ^eicai res. or afc Kits St29.

■ Weather satellite £ AM aircraft rgvrs a;so avaiabfe bills with details on whai you're charging the customer for,

3. KEEP ME INFORMED. Nothing is more aggravating than nm knowing whether the factory received the rig or not, how long it's going to lake to get it ii\cd, and jn acm rate estimate of how much it uill cost. When the unit is received, every company should immediate I > send a postcard to the customer, indicating receipt of Ihc equipment, with instructions on how lo track the unit down for a status check. The postcard should also slate the estimated time ynd cost of the repair. If the unit is being shipped Kick to the customer COD., does C\O.D. mean cash or a cashier's check, or is a personal check Ok?

Land Air Communications L.T.D.

Older sets may be fixed quickly if ihe pans are still available and a technician takes a spccial interest in the project. Originally, this last service survey article was to include a tour of the service center of G.E. Electronic Services, Since last July, however, G,E. is no longer repairing amateur radio equipment, new or old.

East Coast hams are luckier. Hal Gureizky K6DPZ, owner ot Land Air Communications. says. "We specialize in used equipment, both sales and service/" While I haven i had a chance to personally inspect his facility. 1. did reecive letters from several readers indicating that1 and Air Communications fixed their equipment, which had been pronounced dead by others

Hal Guret/ky has plenty of used gear for sale, plus elaborate test benches which meet the requirements lor a well-equipped repair facility for the latest models of microprocessor-based ham transceivers. Says Hah 11 My formula for repairs is: 11 ihecostof the repair is more than half oi the used replacement cost, the customer will be informed, and he has the option to have the ng repaired oi not. ll lie chooses not to, the only charge is the cost of shipping the equipment back to him T

Hal's reputation is known across the U.S. Repairs come tu fruin as far away as California. According to HaL his license plate says it all (sec Photo B). l*or more information. call or write Land Air Communications at 95-15 108 St., Richmond Hilt NY 11419. Teh (718) 847-3<M). FAX (718) 849-8279. Add them to youi arsenal of independent fixers.

That s it, folks. Hall a year of exploring a dreaded subjccL—radio failure and how to get it fixed quickly . Hams are quite vocal about the kind of repair service they get from manufacturers and service centers. While the major manufacturers provide good set vice, turnaround time may ^ ary w ith a shortage of qualified technicians. And as Wa>ne Green has pointed out so aptly in his editorials, good service technicians are getting harder and harder to find.

Do your part lo get good service* State your problem clearly, pack y t >ur rig up well, ship it out right awa). and chaikes ate you'll get your rit repaired in it reasonable amount of time


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