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Thy CAT-100 automatic control operator wili enhance your existing repeater system by adding features usually available oniy in controllers costing thousands of dollars more The CAT* 100 s user-friendly voice and compre hensive manual make it easy to interface with your presenl controller, ft is fully field-programmable, so you can customize the CAT-100 to meet your particular needs The synthesized voice will announce the lime, identify your repeater, and interact with you during control and programming operations. (You can select from seven different voice message announcements tailored to amaieur repeater opera-lion,) The scheduler permits automatic Control of your ^epeater system Sixty DTMF commands of up to 31 digits in length can be stored in the CAT-100 memory Program the command and time, the CAT-100 will do the rest. Five user function switches, easy to change with a DTMF command, control equipment at the repealer site. A control authorization feature permits you to assign each control operator a unique prefix number, and individually limit their level of control. A computer interface is included-

The CAT-100 is priced at S229 Contact Computer Automation Technology Inc., 4631 NW 31st Ave.t Suite 142, Ft Lauderdale FL 33309; (305) 9786171. Or ekele Reader Service No. 206.

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