100 nA iero-center meter


4.7k ya wall fixed

thing. including a NiCd batters , fit nicely in a 7" x 4" x 3" plastic box (see Photo E).

I turn Antenna Extender

The Micro-Eye presents a bit of a problem if you want to change the antenna. Its antenna is rather closely integrated into the entire RF board design. You don't have a handy coax connector or waveguide flange to hsiok things to. Its horn does work quite nicely, and would probably make a satisfactory feed for a 1' io 3' dish.

As an experiment, 1 made an extension to the integral molded horn, fashioning it from double-sided copper-clad printed circuit board. The extension sleeves inside of the existing horn (see Photo F),

Remember; You must he very careful not to touch the mixer diode located inside of the horn!

This extension adds an estimated 8 dB of gain. Field tests verified a marked improvement in signal strength.

You could try modifications I didn't attempt, such as adding an AFC \ Automatic Frequency Control), or replacing the horn antenna with an adaptor to a Standard waveguide flange or coax connector. ;he latter modification would allow measurement of the noise figure of the receiver,

The BEL Micro-Eyc police speed radar detector is easily modified for reception of the 10 GHz ham hand, The cost is low and the performance is quite respectable. This device should serve as a useful accessory for the microwa\ e amateur.

Youma\ contact Steve J. Sott WAôEJOat 1288 Winford Avenue, Ventura CA 93004-2504.

Computer Controlled Ham Shack (or personal or club system New Simplex option, operate patch & remotes via repeaters!

Ultra Comshack 64 Duplex/Simplex Controller

HF & VHF Remote Base'AutopatclTCW Practice*Rotor Control *Voice Meters*Paging*Logging*Polite IDVPacket Voice B B,S.

Includes: C64 interface, disk, cabffrj, Manual Add S5.00 S H USA CA. address ado 6.25% Ask (or tree catalog!

Hare aw a few of itie Ultra's Features: Ullra Com Shack 64 Options

■Mount An modules including C64,

Preen lied ft parad md -TOj-ts 4 ea" c anpç ALBX „ I 159 95

Hare aw a few of itie Ultra's Features: Ullra Com Shack 64 Options

■Optraie duple* or Simplex* Loed, sav«. chang» alt uom T tone* Packet, or modem* Unlimited voice vocabulary *Voics clock executes t van is Daily 4 Weekly ' "Super Macros" usef programming language! '300-4 (J.gn user access codes Tisk 4 Punier logging ol all Telephone numbers diared. usage lime, functions '18 Rotating Polite ID s" 16 External relay controls" 2, 5, 4 CTCSS Tone Paging* CW Practice with voice 'Security mode. T.tone rnule* Voice announced user call sign vtfien logging an* Voltage proportional Courtesy beeps gives indication of signal strength ' 16 Totaling Polite fb tails4 Safety limers & oven-Idas + "Ultra Link provide^ T (one control trom remote audio monllofed +User defined multi-tone courtesy beeps eocn mode* Modem or Packet control' 9 TJone Macros store ZB digit command sirings '2 Talking Meier inputs ' Packet or Modem da I a - ITTTl PTTHn n 1 lEflgga Sto r* 10Q0 <18 tJigll) telj J s 'Quick dutl a quick answer ' Dime tod 4 general ege'50 lei v's rasirlcted patch "Telephone control npui' Regenerated touchionea 'Autopelch auto ott, detects calling party hangup'Pulse or louchtone dial

GAP Airwaves expands its Service to Include 2m and 6m with the CHALLENGER DX-V & DX-VI

Unique Multrband Antennas that Utilize the Patented GAP Elevated Launch Technology

The Revolution in Antenna Design fr

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