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Introducing the only HF amateur radio transceiver built to true professional standards

Since 1915, Japan Radio Company has been dedicated to producing the world's finest radio communications equipment.

The same design quality that is incorporated into our marine, satellite, broadcast and commercial systems can also be found in our amateur radio equipment including the new JST-135HP high frequency amateur radio transceiver

Discover what professionals have known for 75 years. Look to Japan Radio Company if you demand the highest quality radio equipment.

For a full color brochure and current lists of prices and dealers, call JRC at (212) 355-ÏI80. Or write to the address listed below.

Since 19 J 5

430 Park Ave, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10022 Phone: (212)355-1180 Fax: (212)319-5227 Telex: 961114 JAPAN RADIO NYK

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by Dick Goodman WA3USG

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