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28 73 Amateur Radio Today * July, 1991

is the only word to describe this:

The NIR-10 is a Noise/QRM Reducer for SSB VOICE! It is the only device available that can reduce noise and remove heterodynes oceuring in the presence of speech. What makes this possible? RealTime Digital Signal Processing (DSP) using a 40 MHz DSP chip!

'The NIR-10 is a DSP audio processor that connects to the audio output of your receiver or transceiver and includes a built-in Speaker Amplifier.

* Automatically Enhances Voice Reception by Reducing or Eliminating:

Heterodynes & Tune-Ups White Noise ignition Noise Power Line Noise RTTY Interference "Woodpecker"

•Includes a Bandpass Filter Mode to Enhance CW and RTTY \ Forms a Variable Center Frequency Digital Filter with Selectable Bandwidth. Provides performance that analog filters can't match!

*Work More Stations: Allows Reception of Otherwise Unreadable Signals!

•Reduces Listener Fatigue.

* A Must for DXers, Contestersf and Field Day Ops.

Order direct:

NIR-10: $395; with 12V AC Adapter add $12, We pay shipping.

Orders 1-800-533-3819 Tech 1-919-790-1048 FAX 1-919-790-1456

MC/Visa, Allow 3 wks for personal checks. Add $3 for COD- NC residents add 5% sales tax.

JPS Communications, Inc.

5516 Old Wake Forest Road P.O. Box 97757 Raleigh, NC 27609

for more than nine minutes on the repeater input, the VOR-2 will automatically switch to the second video source for about five seconds to meet the FCC's ID requirement, Both of these periods may be changed by changing the appropriate resistors on the VOR-2,

We have the VOR-2 and an Elktronics VDG-1 Video ID board packaged together in a Bud RF-proof mini-box in our repeater. Together they function as a complete ATV repeater controller in an area of about 7" x 4rt x 2". We had only one problem with the VOR-2. Because the NE567 PLL COR is extremely sensitive, we had some very slight receive desercse that caused the VOR-2 to lock on itself. This was cured by installing the VOR-2 in an RF-tight box, using feed-through capacitors on ail inputs and outputs and an interdigital filter on the 439,25 MHz receive feedline, and keeping the receive and transmit antenna separation greater than 10 feet. This repeater has been in operation for over a year now with no other problems.

Other Uses

The VOR-2 can be used for applications other than repeater control. It may be used to activate a VCR whose input is set to the repeater output frequency (through a downcon-verier). The relays on the VOR-2 may be interfaced to the VCR to operate the record function when video is present. An interface could also be built to apply or remove AC power from the VCR if desired,

An inexpensive Sonalert may be purchased and energized when video from the repeater is present, which wouid be an excellent way to monitor activity when you're away from the shack. This would also be a good way to monitor security at your club site. In your shack, the VOR-2 could be used to energize your ATV equipment when video is detected from any video source. Finally, the VOR-2 could relieve you of remembering to video ID your station at the appropriate 10 minute intervals.

The documentation supplied with the VOR-2 consists of a single data sheet. Full schematics are included, as are suggested operating configurations. This is more than adequate, considering the ease of hooking up this circuit. Don't let the VQR-2Ts simplicity fool you, however. The VOR-2 coupled with some form of video ID generator fulfills all the requirements of a capable ATV repeater controller. RSI


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