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Welcome to Radio Fun

\ fir*' amateur nuito magazine.

If you were one of the smart ones, your subscription to Radio Fun began w ith the premier summer issue. If you waited, you're too late. The premier issue sold out in three weeks.

Radio Fun is packed full of information to help you get more fun out of amateur radio. Basic "how-to" articles will get you up and running on packet. ATV, RTTY, DXing, and the dozens of other activities that make amateur radio such a great hobby. You'll get equipment reviews geared toward the newcomer, letting you know how lo get the most out of your new or used gear. We'll help you upgrade to a higher class license with monthly columns designed to teach you what you need to know in a fun and exciting way. We'll answer your questions on hundreds of things—how to check into a new repeater —how to build a QRP transmitter—how to get on the ham sattelites—how to fix that broken rig—how a transistor works—YouTI find it all, and more, in the pages of Radio Fun.

Monthly publication begins with the September issue, so don't wait another minute. Subscribe today and you still get the charter subscription rate of only $9.97 for one year (though we can't guarantee that price for much longer). That's 12 issues of the only ham radio magazine that is geared especially ! or the newcomer, or any ham who wants to get more fun and excitement out ol amateur radio- Radio Fun!

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