Other Radios And Accessories

XC365-A Uniden uitraClearPiusCordiesa Phone ES9.95 CT705S-A Un tden g pea ke rphon e cord I ess phon e.. St 09-95 BC55XLT A Bearcat 10 channel Scanner it 14.95

A0100-A Pluy m wall ctiarger for BC55XLT $14 95

PSOOt-A Cigarette lighter cable for BC5bXLT Si 4.95

VC001 -A Carrying case for 9C55XL7 Si 4.9S

BC70XLT-A Bearcat 20 channel scanner S i 59 95

BC142XL-A Bevern 10 eh iQ &and scanne* 95

BC147XLT A fifljrcal 1 6 ch 10 band tcanner 59^55 BC17 2XL-A Sf .jfear 20 Oh 11 pand S i 34 95

BC177XLT-A real 16 11 öanfl scann h r $ i 34 95 BC590XLT-A Bearcat lOOcft. 11 Dand scanner. . $194.95 6C7B0XLT-Adearcaf lOOch 12 band scanner. ...$254,95 BC002-A CTCSS tone board ior BC590/760XLT »54.95 BC003-A Sw,lch .issembiy for &C590 760XLt S22.95 BCÖ55XLT A Searcar 50 ch. l 2 band s^anrc S199 95 BC1-A fleaici r information scanner * ¡n CB Si 29.95 BC330A-A Sejrcdf Information scanner S99 95

BC560XLT-A Sestet 16 ch 10 t>and scanner $94 95 BPS05-A N^Cad bait pack for BC200. BCiüö)(LT $39.95 TR A V E LLE R2- A Gru ndig shortwa ve rec e i ve r SB 9.05 COSMO POUT-A Grundig shortwave rectiver i 199.95 SATELLITSOO-A Grurdig shortwave receiver S679.95 SATELLIT650 Grundttj shortwave receiver $949.95 ATSÖÖ3A-A 5afigerfn shortwave receiver. $159 95

74102-A Midland emergency weather receiver S39.95 7711 e^A Midland CB with VH F weather i anlenna. $56.95 7711 a-A Wrcf/flfrcrCB mobile With VHF Weather $62.95 7791 3-AM'dtanti CB portable wilh VHF wealher S79.95 76300 A Mtdtond CB base station S92.95

FBE-A Frequency Ditectorytor Eastern USA Si4.95 F BW-A Frequency Director tor Western USA Si 4 95

ftFDt-AMi fL IV KY OH Wl Fluency D 'ecrory 514 95

RFD3'A DE DC Nj NV. PA. VA WVOir ST J 95 RFD4-A AL. AR. FL. GA. LA MS, NC. PR SC, TN. VI. . $14.95 RFDGrAAK. ID. IA. MN Ml. NE ND. OR SO. WY S ' 4 &5 RFD6-ACA MV UT A2 HI. GU Frei Directory £'4 35 RF07 ACO KS ^O NM OKTXfreq Dpfector, S14 95 PWB-A PdSipon 10 h'h a 6arü Paß o 5^6 95

ASD-A AjrpJana Sciir-ner Director Si4 95

TSG-G7 TopSect«1 R^istryoHJ S Go t S16 35

TTC-A Tune m on telephone ca^ls S 1 4.95

CBK*A &g CB Handbook'AM, FM. Freeband 114.95

TIC-A Techniques tor Intercepting Com rmjrvcatrcma $14,95

RRF-A Railroad frequency directory ST4.95

EEC-A Embassy & Espionage Communication* $1 4 95 SMH-A2 Scannor Modilication Handoook Vol 2 Slfl.95

LIN-A Lateal Intelligence by James E. Tunnell $16.95

A60-A Maynot mount mobile scanner antenna $34.95 A70-A Base station scanner antenna . $34/95

USAMM-A Mag maunl VHF ans w/ 12' cable . $39 95 USAK-A J+ hoNi mount VHF ant. w/17 cable $34 95 Add S 4.00 s h ippmg f or al 1 w&scm order d a; the ^nim e t ime. Add S1 5.00 shipping per raoio and $400 pe* antenna

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