Giehl Electronics

Giehl Electronics is offering two software enhancement kits, one for the Kenwood TS-940 and one for the Ten-Tec Paragon. The TS-940 kit features tunable memories that allow you to change the frequency of a memory channel using the main tuning knobT memory bank seJection using the "UP" and "DOWN" keys, and easiiy-sei kHz per revolution. The Paragon kit offers band registers that store the last-used frequency.

mode, and fitter for all bands 160 through 10 meters: a 10-minute timer that reminds you to ID your station, a single key band selector that makes OSYing fast, and many other enhancements. Both kits include a new software chip, complete documentation, and installation instructions.

The kits cost $72 each, plus $3 S & H, For more information, contact Giehl Electronicst P.O Box 18335, Cincinnati OH 45218. Or circle Reader Service number 208

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