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Here are your new mobile companions - at your service whenever you're on the road! Their compact size makes installation a snap, and the remote control options allow you to customize your installation for that "professional" look!

• Wide band receiver coverage* The TM-241A receives from 118-173.995 MHz. Transmit range is 144-148 MHz. (Modifiable for MARS and CAP operation, permits required.)

. TM-441A covers 438-449.995 MHz, and the TM-531A covers 1240-1299.995 MHz.

• CTCSS encode built-in, selectable from the front paneL

• Selectable frequency steps for quick and easy QSY.

• TM-241A provides 50 W.TM-441A 35 W, and TM-541A10 W. Three power positions, 5,10, and full. The TM-541A has two power positions,

1 and 10 watts,

• 20 full-function memory channels store frequency, repeater offset, sub-tone frequencies, and repeater reverse information. Repeater offset on 2m is automatically selected. There are four channels for "odd split" operation.

• Tone Alert System with Elapsed Time indicator

• Auto-power off function, and time' out timer

RC-20 Remote Control Unit

As supplied, one RC-20 will control one transceiver, Most often-used front panel functions are controllable from the RC-20. The RC-20 and IF-20 combine to allow control of up to four radtos.

Selective calling and pager option. The DTU-2 option enables the Dual Tone Squelch System (DTSS), allowing selective calling and paging using standard DTMF tones. Digital recording system option. Used in conjunction with the tone alert system, the DRU-1 allows message storage of up to 32 seconds. Multiple scanning functions. Band and memory scan, with selectable scan stops and memory channel lock-out.

Large LCD display with four-step dimmer control.

Automatic Lock Tuning (ALT) for the TM-541A« Compensates for drift.

pacesetter in Amateur Radio

• 41 memories. All channels L store receive and transmit k separately for "odd split!'

^ * DC direct in operation.

Allows external DC to be ^^ used (7.2 - 16 volts). ^^^ When external power is ^^^ used, the batteries are ^^^^ being charged.

Optional accessories:

• BC-14: Wall charger for PB-13 • BC-15; Rapid charger for PB^3,14 Wall charger for PB-14 • BH-6: Swivel mount

• BT-8: Six cell AA Alkaline battery case

Headset with VOX and PTT 7.2 V, 700 mAh NiCd pack 12 V 300 mAh NiCd pack b 3F: DC cable with filter and cigarette lighter plug

• SMC-31: Standard speaker _ mic* SMC-32: Compact ^^ A speaker mic • SMC-33: fm H Compact speaker M I

2 m and 70 crn Super Compact HTs

Here is a great new addition to Kenwood's HT family— the all new TH-27A for 2 meters andTH-47Afor 70 cm! Super compact and beautifully designed, these pocket-sized twins give you full-size

• Large capacity NiCd battery pc auppfl LThe standard battery pack is 7.2 volts, 700 mAh, providing extended transmit time with 2.5 watts. (TH-47A; 15 W)

• Extended receive coverage. TH-27A: 118-165 MHz; TH-47A: 438-449,995 MHz, IX on Amateur bands only, (TH-27A modifiable for MARS/CAR Permits required. Specifications guaranteed for Amateur bands only.)

• Multi-function scanning. Band and memory channels can be scanned, with time operated or carrier operated scan stop.

• Frequency step selectable for

• Built-in digital clock with A programmable timer. ^k

• Dual Tone Squelch System ^MI (DTSS). Compatible with the ^^ TH-26AT Series and the TM-941A Triple bander, as well as other Kenwood series transceivers, this selective calling system uses standard DTMF to open squelch,

• Fivewatti when operated with PB 14 battery pack or 13,8 volts

• T-Alert for quiet monitoring. Tone Alert beeps when squelch is opened.

• Auto battery saver, auto power off function, and economy power mode extends battery life.

• DTMF memory. The DTMF memory function can be used as an auto-dialen All characters from the 16-key pad can be stored, allowing repeater control codes

• Automatic offset selection (TH-27A).

• Direct keyboard frequency entry. The rotary dial can a!so be used to select memory, frequency, frequency step, CTCSS. and scan direction.

• CTCSS encode/decode built-in.

• Supplied accessories: Rubber flex antenna, battery pack, wall charger, belt hook, wrist strap

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