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Mhdran Electronics' new ID-1 miniature Morse Code Station identifier sends a 16-character station ID and/or 130-character message at user-programmable intervals. The ID-1 is easily programmed via a 12-button touch-tone style keypad with alpha* numeric characters. Other programmable features include front porch delay, code speed, Morse tone frequency, bypass for PTT queing, wait period for loss of COR input, and automatic repeat intervals. If desired, the ID-1 can also send Morse code manually.

The 1.4" x 11- x 0.25' ID-1 costs S90 Contaci Midian Electronics Incorporated. 2302 East 22nd St.. Tucson AZ 85713-2024, Orders: (800) MIDIANS. Technical Assistance (602) 884-7981. Fax: (602) 884-0422. Or circle Reader Service Number 207.

is the only word to describe this:

The NIR-10 is a Noise/QRM Reducer for SSB VOICE! It is the only device available that can reduce noise and remove heterodynes occuring in the presence of speech. What makes this possible? RealTime Digital Signal Processing (DSP) using a 40 MHz DSP chip!

•The NIR-10 is a DSP audio processor that connects to the audio output of your receiver or transceiver and includes a built-in Speaker Amplifier,

•Automatically Enhances Voice Reception by Reducing or Eliminating: Heterodynes & Tune-Vps White Noise Ignition Noise Power Line Noise RTTY Interference "Woodpecker"

•Includes a Bandpass Filter Mode to Enhance CW and RTTY . Forms a Variable Center Frequency Digital Filter with Selectable Bandwidth. Provides performance that analog filters can't match!

•Work More Stations: Allows Reception of Otherwise Unreadable Signals!

*Reduces Listener Fatigue*

* A Must for DXers, Contesters, and Field Day Ops.

Order direct:

NIR-10: $395; with 12V AC Adapter add $12. We pay shipping.

Orders I -800-533-3819 Tech 1-919-790-1048 FAX 1-919-790-1456

MC/Visa. Allow 3 wks for personal checks. Add $3 for COD. NC residents add 5% sales tax.

JPS Communications, Inc.

5516 Old Wake Forest Road P.O. Box 97757 Raleigh, NC 27609


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