Cobra Radar Detectors

RD3163-B Cobra 3 band radar detector $109.95

RD3175 B Cobra 3band radar detector $129.95

RD3173 B Cobra 3 band radar detector $139.95

RD31B3-B Cobra 3 band radar detector $139.95

Bearcat 200XLT-B

List price $509.95/CE price $239,95/SPECtAL

12 Band, 20Q Channel, Handwki, Se^di, Unfit Hold, Priority, Lcckou Frequency range: 29-54, 118-174, 406-512, 806-956 MHz.

Excludes 523.9875-649.0125 and 668.9975-894.0125 MHz. The Bearcat 200XLT a^ts a standard Jqf handheld scanners in performance and depend ability- This full featured unit has 200 p to-gramnwblechannels with 10 scanning banks and 12 band coverage. It you want a very sirmssr model without the 800 MHz. band and 100 ch annete, order th e 0G1GQXLT-B for only $17S.96.1 nctudea a ntenna. carrying case beH loop, ni-cad battery peck, AC adapter and earphone. Order yoor scanner from CEI today.

Bearcat 800XLT-B

List price $549.95/CE price $239.95/SPECIAL

12-band, 40 Channel, Nothing excluded in the 800 MHz, band. Bands: 29-54, 116-174.406-512, 306-956 Mhz. tf you do not need the 800 MHz. band, order the Bearcat 210XLT-B for the special CEI price of $139,95.

Magnavox®Satellite Phone

C£ price i48,BSQ,0a/Spedal order - allow 45 days for delivery. When war broke out in Iraq, you heard all the action because ClSfN had a satellite telephone. When a disaster such as an earthquake or a hurricane strikes your community and communications are disrupted, you can depend on instant reliable communications, |ust like CNN did using your Magna vox ¡MagnaPhone. Inmarsat communication satellites are in geostationary orbit along the equator. They beam two-way voice and d ata tran smiss ions betwee n you r s aiellEte phone and f Ixed earth stations, in mosi instances, telephone calls are dialed directly once you have selected the satellite serving your location. No matter where you are o n t he pi anel, 1 he M agn aP hone airtomatf-cally selects the Land Earth Station (LES) nearest the destination called. This makes placing a call as easy as using a standard telephone. Dual ID numbers permit a separate Inmarsat iete-phone number to be used to route caHe to one of the external telephone ports which could be used for a fax machine or a computerdataline. For telephone, teEe*>fax and datacommu-n ¡cation s anywhe re I n 1h e world , I he n ew MX20&Q P Mag naP hone is the most compact Inmarsat-A. Class 1 terminal available today. Like a cellular phone, airtime will be billed to your account. The new MagnaPhone weighs Just 47 lbs {21 kg)* including the antenna. Add the optional ruggedized case (only $950.00) and it can travel as airline baggage on commercial carriers. When you arrive at your destination, installation can be done in less than five mtnules. For more information call our Emergency Operations Center at 313-996-088B.

RELM UC202-B 2 Watt transceiver on 154,57 MHz, $114.95

RELM RH256NB-B 25 Watt VHF transceiver $299.95

RCI2950-9 Ranger Comm. 25 Watt 10 Meter xcevr,3234.95 MR81Ü0-S Uniden surveillance scanner .CALL FOR PRICE

BC55XLT-B Bea/cat 10 channel scanner $114,95

AD 100-S Plug in wall charger for BC55XLT 14.95

PS001-B Cigarette lighter cable for BC55XLT $14.95

BC70XLT-B Bearcat 20 channel scanner $139,96

BP70-B Nl-Cad battery pack for BC70XLT scanner ..$39.95 BC142XL-B Bearcat 10 channel 10 band scanner $04.95 BCU7XLT-B Bearcat 16 channel 10 band scanner ,.$94.95 BC172XL-B Bearcat 20 channel 11 band scanner .. $124.95 BC177XLT-B Bearcat 16 Channel 11 band scanner $129.95 BC590XLT-B Bearcat 100 channel 11 band scanner$ 194.95 ÖC760XLT-B Bearcat 100 channel 12 band scanner$254.95

BC002 B CTCSS tone board for BC59Ü/760XLT $54.95

BC003-B Switch assembly for BC590/760XLT $22.95

BC855XLT-B Bearcat 50 channel 12 band scanner $174.95 BC560XLT-B Bearcsl 16 channel 10 band scanner ,,$94.95

BP205-8 Nl-Cad battery pack for BC2001DQXLT $39,95

TRAVELLER2-B Grundig shortwave receiver $84,95

CÜSMOPOLIT-B Grundig shortwave receiver ,..„$179,95

SATELLIT500-B Grundig shortwave receiver $499,95

SATELLIT650-B Grundig shortwave receiver $649.95

ATS600-B Sangean shortwave receiver $69.95

ATSS03 B Sangean shortwave receiver $159,95

74102-B Mid tan d emergency weather receiver $34.95

77116-B Midland CB with VHF weather a antenna .,.$66.95

7711&-B Midland CB mobile with VHF weather $62.95

77913-B Midland CB portable with VHF weather $79.95

76300-B Midland CB base station $92,95

NPD-8 Uniden National Police Directory $19.95

FBE-B Frequency Directory for Eastern U.S,A + $H,95

FBW-B Frequency Directory for Western US,A $14,95

RFD1-B Mf, II 1 IN, KY> OH. Wl Frequency Directory t$14,95

RFD3-B DE, DC. MD, NJ, NY. PA, VA, WV Directory $14,95 RFD4 AL AR. FL. GA, LA, MS, NC( PR, SC. TiS|, VI .$14,95 RFD5 AK. ID. IA. MN, MTt NE, NO, OR, SD, WA, WV$14.95 RFD6 CA. NV, UTt AZ, Hi, GU Frequency Directory .$14.95 RFD7-8 CO, KS. MO, NM, OKt TX Freq. Directory $14.95

PWB-B Passport to World Band Radio $16.95

ASD-B Airplane Scanner Directory $14.95

TSG-B "Top Secret' Registry of U.S. Govt. Freq $16.95

CBH-B Big CB Handbook/AM/FM/Freeband $14,95

TIC S Techniques lor Intercepting Communicatons ..$14.95

EEC-B Embassy & Espionage Communications $14.95

SMHV1-S Scanner Modification Handbook/Volume 1 $16.95 SMHVa-B Scanner Modification Handbook/Volume 2$16.95

LiN B Latest Intelligence by James E, Tunnell $17.95

A60-B Magnet mount mobile scanner antenna $39,95

A70-B Base station scanner antenna $39.95

USAMM-B Mag mount VHF ant. wf 12 cable $39,95

USAK-B 3/4" hole mount VHF antenna w/ 12l cable ..$34,95 Add $ 5,00 s h '¡pptog for ali accessories ordered at the time. Add $15.00 shaping per radfo tnd $6.00 per antenna.

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