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Michigan residanls ploase add 4% sales ta* o¡ supply your lax ( D. number. Wriiten purchase orders are accepted from approved government agencies and most well raied firms ai a 10% surcharge tor net 10 billing All sales are s u bj©d to avallabiltty, accepts nee and ^& r 11 i caí ion. P r^oes, jerms a"d specitications are subject lo change without notice All prices are in U S doNars. Out of slock nems be placed on aac'iorder autorn^icslly cr equivaieni prod-uci substitut&d unless CEI rs instructed dilferentiy. Shipments are P.O.0. CEU warehouse in Ann Arbor. Michigan. No COD's. Not responsibie for typography errors.

Matl orders to: Communications Etedron^ Box 1045, Ann ArtxxMichigan4tí106 U.S.A. Add $15,00 per radio for U. P.S. ground shipping cr.d handling in the com mensa: U,S.A, For Canada, Puerto Rico, HawaiL Alaska, or APO/ FPO delivery, shipping charges are two limes continental U,S. rates. If you have a Discover, Visa. American E y press or MasterCard, you may call and place a credit card order. 5% surcharge lor billing i o American Express For credit card ordersh call tülMree in the U.S, Dial 800- USA-SCAN, For informal kin call 313-996-8888 FAX anytime, dial 313 -663-8086. Order from Communications Electronics loday. Scanner Distribuí ion Center™ and CEI logos are trademarks of Communications Electronics Inc. Sale dates 1 2/2^91 through 5^31 S2 AD 21591^6 Copyright 1992 Commun cs-.Qns Electronics Inc.

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