Low ncHse converters to receive vhf and uhf bands on a 1DM receiver Cfwce of kit wrth case & BNC lacks kit iess case S49, kit w/case 57^ w : in case $99. Request catalog for compile tistings.

• VHF input ranges avail; 136-133, 144-146. 145-147, 146-148 MHzi

* UHF input ranges avaii: 432^34. 435-437. 435.5-437.5 MHz.

HO-202 FSK DATA MODULATOR k? Run up 10 1200 baud digital stgnais through any fm transmitter w^h fui( handshakes. Raoio link computers, telemetry gear, etc, T,„krt $49, w/t £79

DE-?Q2 FSK DEMODULATOR kn For receive end of link kit $49, w/t $79

9600 BAUD DIGITAL RF UNKS. Low-cost packet networking system, consisting of new MO-96 Modem and special versions of our 320 or 450 mHz FM Transmitters and Receivers, interface directly wilh most TNCJs, Fast, diode-switched PAHs output 15 or SOW.

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