Lowloss Duplexers

Mounting Bracket included

Mounting Bracket included


Frequency; 1.6 150MHz (LRF)/410-460MHz (HPF) Power; 1,6-30MHz 500W(F3) 1KW (A3J)

30 150MHz 300W (F3) 500W[A3J} 410 460MHz 300W|F3) 5Ü0W (A3J) insertion Loss: 1.6-150MHz Ü.15CB

410-460MHZ Q.25dG VSWR: Less man 1.2 Isolation; 60dB more

Size: 1.2" x 2.5" x 1.9" (HxWxD) (Excluding Protuberance) input Connectors: SQ239

HS790WP...$58.00 HS790D $47.50

Direct Link Output: PL259 x 2

Direct Link

Direct Link Output: S0239 x 2

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One Desert Storm MARS Expei ience

MARS readiness and support needed!

In November of 1990 not one community

MARS (Military Affiliate Radio System) station existed in the Nuernberg Military Community, The 1st Armored Division's MARS liccnse (Ansbach) was revoked for failure to meet the 40-hour week manning requirement. Only one active amateur club station, the Erlangcn, Ferris Barracks Amateur Radio Club, DA2SF, existed in the area. It owed its existence in large part to the German amateur community and the Iron Land Amateur Radio Association (ILARA).

Enter the Gulf War, and of course, the 1st Armored Division's (IAD} deployment. There was a sudden shift of priorities. Second Brigade 1 AD*s new commander, Col. Montgomery Meigs, received a copy of our I LARA newsletter. It indicated our potential and willingness to be a MARS station. This time there was interest.

The newly arrived chaplain of the Division Support Command (D1SCOM), Rabbi Ken Leinwand, had started several MARS stations in the past, He also had one amateur among his support battalion commanders,

Dan Pasomotot whose German call had been expired for two years, joined forces with the rabbi. Dan is the Director of the Learning Centers for the Nuernberg Community, but with all the soldiers leaving for Desert Storm there would be litde need for the usual learning center activities. Dan was able to convince the right people to divert money (27,000 DM) from the ; .earning Center budget to buy amateur radio equipment for the deployment, and to encourage our Community Commander, General Wesley B, Taylor Jr., to request additional equipment from the Amateur Radio Relay League


With letters of commitment from General Taylor and CoL Montgomery Meigs» 5th Signal Command granted two MARS licenses to the Nuernberg Community. One station was established at Monte ith Barracks, and the other at the Ferris Barracks Amateur Radio Club Station. A full-time operator was committed to each. By the end of deployment more personnel were added to the Erlangen (AEM1ELN) station, and many volunteers contributed hundreds of man hours to both operations. The ARRL came through with two radios: One TS- 140S and one IC-735.

by Mike Warner NX7T

Getting the Equipment

The real difficulty was spending the Learning Center money. Army Contracting was swamped, and suffered drastic toss of personnel at a very inconvenient time. When push came to shove, there was not time to order the equipment from the States. Doing so would have made the available money go much farther, as equipment is generally more expensive in Germany. But there was no time, so it had to be locally purchased,

In Germany, too. when Christmas approaches, most amateur distributors close

Photo B. A well-equipped Desert Storm mobile♦

Photo A. SSG Michael R. Warner NX7Tt MARS operator during Operation Desert Storm

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