If you are involved in broadcasting, you might want to take note of the following iiem The Certification Committee of the Society of Broadcasl Engineers has approved the recognition of amateur radio activities for certification credits. Persons holding a valid amateur radio Extra Class licenset who meet the service requirement for employment in the broadcast or broadcast stated industries, will be awarded Broadcast Technologist Certification upon application. This recognizes that passing an Extra Class license exam demonstrates technical proficiency on a par with the oid FCC Second and First Class license examination. Certification information and application forms may be obtained from the SBE national office in Indianapolis at (317) 2531640. (From a September 13. 1991 SBE news release J

Phones Out? Call tf» FCC

To end on a much lighter note, we offer this: The next time your phone goes out along with the rest of the phones in your neighborhood, federal regutators want to know about it immediately. The FCC has proposed new regulations that would require telephone companies lo notify the government wiihin 90 minutes oi a telephone outage that involves 50,000 or more service subscribers and lasts 30 minutes or more

The commission's proposal came after a summer that saw telephone companies fall short of being able to handle glitches brought aboul by the introduction of new technology, leading to numerous telephone outages across the United States. Last June, computer software problems knocked out over six million Bell Atlantic phone tines, while in Jufy a million Bell of Pennsylvania customers lost service due 10 similar problems. The FCC says that it currently has no systematic way to become informed quickly of significant service disruptions, and no way of determining whether specific types ol hardware or software are at fault,

To quote one of my favorite television personalities: "and so it goes " ffffl

Group A

Our new Universal Tone Encoder lends its versatility to all tastes., The menu includes all CTCSS. as well as Burst Tones, Touch Tones, and Test Tones. No counter or test equipment required to set frequency -just dial it in+ While traveling, use it on your Amateur transceiver to access tone operated systems, or in your service van to check out your customers' repeaters; also, as a piece of test equipment to modulate your Service Monitor or signal generator. It can even operate off an internal nine volt battery, and is available for one day delivery, backed by our one year warranty.

■ All tones in Group A and Group B are included.

* Output level flat to within L5db over entire range selected.

* Separate level adjust pots and output connections for each tone Group.

* Immune to RF

* Powered by 6-30vdc, unregulated at 8 ma,

* Low impedance, low distortion, adjustable sine wave oatplitt 5v peak-to-peak

* instant start-up.

■ Off posiEion for no lone output,

* Reverse polarity protection built-in.

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