Shortwave Receiver

Fantastic 'eceiver mat capites ihe worid whh iuse a 12" antenna' Can receive 2 MH; port Km irom l MHz. True superhet has smooth wkhv luning, AGC. RF gair Domrtii. piemy at sf er and r irts on a

9V battery. Fasc*nai ng Scou' school or club provides hours 0t 'rfi 'if evuf t** i »fM ÜXer for (he car. oonwler >w thonww« cOrrverter Two jw^abte isaiids {jn 3-22 MHz rangei each X MHz •nde—tirtabie on ywr car radio OiH some merest to rot* drve home-Shortwave mew hu. SPi Shortwave corvertef h t. SCi Matching case set 'or SRI. CSR Malching case set lor SCi CSC

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