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More great events happening tn the world, the dissolving of the USSR and the formation of the Commonwealth of Independent Statest t have felt very sorry for the citizens in (he USSR in the past because of the lack of food in the stores, Even though the prices were kept low by government control so that the citizens could afford the items, that is no good unless there are also goods to purchase, goods that the citizens truly need or want,

The new CIS government has now (as of January 2) increased the prices of goods to what they assume will be an approximate' market economy' price That is an appropriate first step, BUT the citizens' wages and pensions have not increased by a like amount to match the cost of living. Guess what, sports tans, there are going to be even more hungry people in the CIS because even if more goods become available now that prices have increased (more suppliers wilting to sett because of increased profit), fewer people will be able to afford the items because of inflation.

Now, let's look at what is going to happen to the new government economically, The government also needs things which must be acquired by money. They have to either cut back on their purchases to control their spendingt or they must come up with more money. I sure hope that they don 7 do it the way that the USSR government was doing it—by printing more money—because it just won't work, ft just makes each ruble worth less. Diluting the value of the currency, things are going to get much worse before they get better*

Enough of Economics 101 and my soapbox. We are very lucky to have a report on Slovenia written by Mate Lenard VE3TJA. If you donTt know what or where it is. you haven't been listening veryciosety to the international news.

We stitl need YOUR news from YOUR country We need more Ham* bassadors. Do your part and either send your country s latest happenings. become a 73 Hambassador, or both. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Send it by mail directly to me at my address at the beginning of the column, or to 73 via FAX or the 73BBS. Address the electronic mail to "Arnie, 73 international," and I will be sure to get it 73—Arnie, N1BAC.


From The JARL Newsletter: The 8th General Conference of the Internation at Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region 3 was held from October 8th through the 12th m Bandung, Indonesia Eighteen countries or territories of ihe twenty-four member societies participated in the conference, bringing the total number of participants to exceed: tOO, When it was reported that Bangladesh and Sri Lanka had sent delegations for the first time, and additionally that Bangladesh had begun the official issuance of amateur radio operator licenses, the conference hall resounded with thunderous applause.

The conference organized four different working groups, in addition to the regular committees for more specialized deliberation on (1) revision of the Constitution, (2) technical matters such as band plans, packet, etc., (3) promotion of amateur radio in developing countries, and (4) ARDF.

At receptions given by the IARUI AflRL, JARL, and ORARt respectively, participants were seen mingling together cultivating new and international Iriendsh-ps, promising to keep each oiher updated on any new developments. The Conference selected Singapore as the venue for the 9th General Conference, 3 years hence.

All Japan ARDF Competition 91

Surrounded by beautiful autumnal colors, the All Japan ARDF Competition 91 was held on October 20th, under the auspices of JARL, in the ' Green Park," a sports leisure land on Asagiri Heights, Fujinomiya City in Shizuoka Prefecture. In addition to about 250 participants who came from all over Japan, there were 12 Chinese and 7 Korean competitors invited to this event. Moreover, 3 participants from the Soviet Union were also in the group

The ARDF competition is different from the 100 meter running races and anything else. The ranking is no* known until the number of discovered transmitters, and the time required for every competitor, has been collected. There are also four classes ¡n the competition: (i) YL: female only, no age restriction; (2) JN class: maleT younger lhan the age of 19; {3) OM class male, the age of 19 and older bul younger lhan 40 and (4) OT ciass male, the age of 40 and older in the OM dass. JL2JXL. Mr. Yoshi-uki Yano discovered five transmitters in 54 minutes 10 seconds, which was quicker than winners of other classes by 30 minutes or more, and was thus considered a brilliant victory. Other class winners were: JN—Mr. Xu Feng of China; OT—Mr. Takayuki Matsuura JH5FUL; and YL—Miss Yoshiko Taka-hashi,


Report from Mate Lenard VE3TJA: Slovenia will be+ in the not too distant future, recognized as a sovereign and independent state. As such, the ama teur radio fraternity worldwide will become enriched by this new country and its group of very dedicated amateur radio operators. It may therefore be in order to take an advanced look at what will be in store for the amateur radio community as a whole

The Republic of Slovenia, which declared lis independence on June 25, 1991. is located in the northernmost part of what was until recently Yugoslavia, Geographically speaking, Slovenia oorders on Italy, Australia, Hungary, and Croatia While mainly a mountainous country, there are many beautiful valleys, lakes, and rivers, and the towns and cities are full of historical treasures collected throughout the centuries, some of which extend back as far as Roman times

There are about 2,000,000 hardworking and well educated Slovenes in Slovenia, and with respect to amateur radio there is one licensed operator for each of 400 inhabitants. This ratio corresponds to those in other developed countries. The first Slovenian hams began to operate around 1930, mainly in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia

During World War II. many hams went underground, working for the various political factions in their home land, which had affiliations with Allied governments. After the war, the reaJ upswing began in the later pari of the decade when ihe Slovenian radio amateurs formed their own organization, which of course was an integral pan of the Yugoslav Amateur Radio League, This in turn was controlled by the Yugoslav communist government. as was the case in other Eastern European countries. Because of this, and because it was practically impossible to buy transmitting equipment at that time, nearly all activities were conducted in radio clubs. There, the classes were conducted and the equipment was built, or rebuilt, from parts and stations left over by the Italian and German occupation armies, or those parachuted in by the Allied forces during the war. Because of this, large groups oi excellent opera tors emerged.

Slovenian operators represented, until recently, 30% of all operators in the remaining five Yugoslavian Reputn fies. They have participated in national. European, and world contests, and were often rated among the best in the world. in the true ham spirit they were always ready to help when natural disasters struck their country, Just a few months ago, in June and July 1991. when the Yugoslav Army invaded Slovenia, the ham radio operators in slovenia contributed a great deal toward the defeat of ihe Yugoslav Army by the Slovenian Territorial Defense Forces.

Jn the spring of 1991, the T9th Conference of the Slovenian Amateur Radio League (Zveza Radioamaterjev Slovenije [ZRS]) was held, a new constitution was accepted, and Board of Directors were elected for the period of 1991 —1994, Elected were: President Stipanic Anton YU38H, Vice-Presidents Blenkus Gojmir YU3AW, Kuselj Janko YU3RW, and Vehovc Joze YU3EJ. The Control Branch and Legal Section consists of experts in their respective fields. For the present, the Slovenian hams are using the old Yugoslavian prefixes Y73, YU3, YZ3, and 4N3 (number 3 being Slovenia), A new prefix depicting thy independent Slovenian State is expected to be in force soon

Out of 4.759 members there are presently 3,324 home-based operators. with the remaining 1,435 hams active in some 86 radio clubs across the country. The ZRS publish a bimonthly "CO YU3" magazine, which was just renamed lo"CQZAS/'This is a highly technical publication, put together by Slovenian experts Of such caliber as Matjaz Vidmar YT3MV, who was a Fulbright Scholarship recipient at the University of Colorado. Mr. Vidmar has In the past designed and built highly efficient transmitters for NASA spacecraft (see OST, MAY 1989. p. 39), He has returned to Slovenia because he was "craving for good, homemade Slovenian food and wine." Hi?

Photo A. Left to right: Joe 4X6KJ. IARC Chairman, and Ron Gang 4X1MKH filling out certificates for participants in the Israel iQth Anniversary Contest, worldwide

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