Figure 7. A simple electronic TR switch for 7 MHz. The variable capacitor is adjusted for maximum receiver sensitivity. This will be around 50 pF with a non-reactive receiver input. D1 and D2 are high-speed silicon diodes such as 1N914 types. Receiver overload is severe (not damaging). Some form of automatic or manual gain control may make the keying sound better in your station receiver.

The pride and satisfaction of telling another operator, "Rig is home-brew," has to be experienced to be believed. Building your own equipment can open up a fascinating new dimension of amateur radio. Try it out and see! HI

Contact Randy Henderson W15W at 10809 N.E. 17th Street, Oklahoma City OK 73J41.



Emergency Operations Center has expanded to our new two acre facility and World Headquarters. Because of our growth, C£l is now your one stop source for emergency response equipment When you have a command, control or communications need, essential emergency supplies can be rushed to you by CEL As always, for over twenty three years, we're ready, willing and able to help. For 1992. we're introducing new products from Umden, Shinwa, Cobra, Ranger Communications, Grundig, Sangean. Magna vox, I com andRELM.

NEW! Shinwa SR001-B

List price $799.95/CE price $479.95/SPECIAL

Continuous covwago from 25.000 through 999.995 MHz, If you're looking for an excellent syrilhesized scanner designed tor mobile surveillance use, ttie new Shinwa SR001 scanner offers features never before offered at such alow price. When you purchase this wide band scanner from CEI, youll get a free infrared wireless remote control that allows you to control your scanner from over 20 feet away. Select abl e freq u en cy steps o f 5¡j0/10.0/12.5/20.0/25.0/ 50.0 or TOO.O KHz. are available. Dual antenna inpuis terminating in an *N-type" and *BNC" connectors are included. Other features include 200 memory channels grouped in 10 banks of 20 channels. easy to read multi oolor LCD display, lithium battery for memory back-up, 35 channel per second high speed scanning, priority, timer and even an alarm to alert you to transmissions on your choice of one special frequency. We even include a mobile mounting bracket The SR001 can be used for base station use with the purchase of the AGS-B 12 voU DC power supply for only $34.95 each. A great sounding external speaker flSPE-B is available for only $24.95.

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