RBC-700 Rep^aUr ContmJIer

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TUe K6C-700 Repeater Controller is designed to support Repeater sysü&íi^ that reqaire multiple radios oonntíctecl togetlier at a site. The RÉC-700 utilizer a true 7 a 7 attdsD mnuix switch which allows several conversations between ports ¡M ihe s:jnie. time. In ¡bu Pliiittfition ab^ve the 733 model is supptirtin^ a Repeater, 3 Daple^ed 1 inks to different sites, and 3 Remote Hases. Usüigsimpíe oommaiids, n lifíét toultl tee [Etc Repeater aikl a Remote Baie Lo one Link, while the other Links are communion in £ through your sites bol di tig sepaaate Conversations, Or, connect ill of the ports together - ífke Á big party iinc. f!

Several models are avail;ib3e and ire software configurable to support up to 3 Repeaters, 5 Du pil exeí I Li n tí, and 4 R e tn ote B ases. A group or c iub¿an start w i t h t h c es and pan d t ii e i r controller anytime by simply adding boards and soflware, Free software upgrades tor oneyeiir after delivery. Final]yh a tSj^] coniroller for the Linked system operator t

Multiple Independent Rcpeulereuntrul lip tí i 5 Duplexed Links

Up 10 4 diíTtrreut Remóles

Recorded Natural Speech Telemetry

Programmable Macros

Toiineel / Oísronnect muh ¡pie Pnrts

Jnttnial Receiver Squelch pressing

Easy servicing Intergrated AuEopatch Evpund at ¡any time Pry ^r üm m il h le Seh ed u Id r + LOvto +14v Supply Standard 5.35* Kack Mount f "ard-cüfif ih >ij;n

Palomar Telecom, hie.

300 Enterprise Sr. Suite E t Escondido, Ca. 92025 « (6746-7998 * Fax J9) 746- itli>



Continuous coverage from 1.8 - 30 MHz

S.VYR. - less than 2;1 from 2 - 23 MHz (m,iy br slightly higllir fee tow 2 and above 28 Ml ¡7 depending upon installation). Completely assembled. Efatuh terminaled wilh connector. N!1 type supplied on spcid^l <>rder Pinver: 1 KW - 2 KW PFP I CAS Higher power models available 50 Ohm Input MADf IN USA

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