Shinwa Pocket Pagers

The fire department hazardous materials response teams and police department SWAT crews that need reliable radio alerting systems, stake their lives on Shinwa. We offer a two-rone pocket pagerwilh monitor feature and even a voice storage option at an affordable price. To order, we need your paging frequency as we] I a s to ne re e d treq □ e nci es. For o [h e r confi gur a tio ns or two-way radio information, please fax us your specifications to 313-663-8888 or phone 313-996-8888.


list price $799.95/CE price $519,95/SPECIAL

Continuous coverage from 100 kHz through 1.300 GHz.

The ICOM ICR1 keeps you in touch with the worid when you're on the go The palm-size ICR1 is equipped with AM, FM and wide- FM modes to fully answer your monitoring needs. With 100 memory channels and a dual frequency selection system, you gel a top-class communications receiver. Not only can you program scan searches only for signals within a specified frequency range, tfs also possible to write frequencies of received stations automatically inio memory. In addition, unwanted Frequencies can be skipped. Order (CBC72-B bal-lery rapid charger tor $99.95 and a BP84-B 1.000 ma. battery pack for $74,95.


List price $799.95/CE price $579.95/SPECIAL

Continuouif coverage from 100 kHz. through 1856 Mhz.

Now you can bring a wider world of broadcasting, VHF air and marine bands, emergency services and many more communications into your vehicle. Icom's advanced ICR100 fully covers ail the stations worth hearing with up to 100 memory channels and a multitude of features.


PR0310E-B UFwdeo 40 Ch. PoflaW»Mottle CQ J72.95

PRD330E BUni<Jen40Ch Rewrote mount CB________199,95

GPANT-B Uniden 40 channel S5S CS moOiia „.»152.95

WASHINGTON^ Uniden dD Ch. SSB CB base___$229.96

PC 122-B Uniden 40 channel SSB CB mobika S113.95

PC66A-B Uniften 40 Channel CB Mobile-----------$78 95

PR0510XL-B Uniden 40 channel CB Mofrie____________J39.95

PROSHIXL-B Unkten 40 channel CB Wotnto____________$54,95

PROS35E-B llriden 40 Channd CS Mobile $69.95

PR0538W-B Uniden 40 ch. weather CB Mobile „$78.95

PROaiDE-8 UraJen 40channai SSB CS Base $174.95

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