Standard Amateur Radios

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Model TDD-8 clccod^s and displays ^11 16 DTMP dibits, Digiti are dißpj&^ed an t^ight LEDV. 32 character buffer can be scrolled, It will accept almost any audio source. ASCII serial output can ct>i]nected to your computer. IBM compatible software included ibr automated lo^in^ii tincl alerting cT uf^r specified numbers. IDEAL FOR UNATTENDED LOGGING OF VOt'R AVTi)'PATCH 1RAFFIC! TDD^S tlTMF DECODER/DISP!jAY/Ä0C11 CAB'l AUDIO & SERIAL CABLES PS-12 110YAC TO iaVDC POWIiR PACK S1G

add $5 S/n - VISA/MC ACCEPTED MoTron Kkctrouits TEL: 310 Ciarfield St.#4 t503)-eS7-2118

Eugeae, OR 97402 FAX; f5(ia)-tia7-24fl2 {ToUsh'Tooe is ft ttadeaierk of AT&Tj

15 Day Money Back Guarantee 2 Year Warranty 1 -

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