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Two new Pocket Counters" from Started are actually ultra-high-sensitivity RF detector-counters with 2" 10-segment LED signal-strength bar graphs. The bar graph functions independent from the digital frequency counter and wilJ indicate the relative strength of an input signal at any frequency from 500 kHz to 3 5 GHz. ' Dot graph" or "bar graph" operation is switch-selectable and the sensitivity is adjustable The bar graph is ideal for locating or adjusting an RF signai. The "digital frequency counter" has a range of 1 MHz to 1.5 GHz on model 15-BG, and 1 MHz to 3.2 GHz on

mat ion, contact MFJ Enterprises Inc., P.O. Box 494, Mississippi State MS 39762: (601) 323-5869t (800) 647-1800, Fax: (601) 3236551. Or circle Reader Service No. 206, model 35-BG. A 1 ppm TCXOtime base is standard, with provisions for an optional ultra-high-stability TCXO. A factory-installed internal NiCd battery pack and 110 VAC adapter/charger are also standard. Although small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, these bar graph counters out-perlorm many larger, much more expensive models.

Model 15-BG is priced at $220, Model 35-BG is $265, and telescoping antenna TA-90 and vinyi carrying case CC-90 are S12 each. For more information, contact Startek International Inc.. 398 NE 38th Street, Ft Lauderdale FL 33334; (305) 561-2211f (800) 638-8050, Fax: (305) 561-9133. Or circle Reader Service No. 202.


"CQ Field Day" is a new amateur radio video showing what it lakes to excel on Field Day, It follows the award-winning Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club from setup through wrap-up This fast-paced 30 minute video brings you right up to the mountaintop site so that you can experience all the frustration and elation of a modest-sized club setting up a 22 Alpha operation, then topping the overall list by scoring an amazing 23,500 points, This documentary is valuabie to anyone who participates in Field Day. it is also an impressive demonstration of amateur radio in action. It is narrated by Gordon West WB6NOA. who explains every detail in non-technical terms.

The tape is priced at $19.95. plus S3 for shipping. California residents add Si .55 sales tax. For more information. Contact Daniel A. Fort AA6LMr P.O. Box 11324, Costa Mesa CA 92627-0324; (714) 546-5709. Or circle Reader Service No. 208.

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