Save MO! $329" buvs complete MFJ CW Station. Includes MFJ-9020 transceiver, MFJ 971 tuner. MFJ-1114 power pack, MFJ-1760 antenna . . . order MFJ-912DB* $369.80 if purchased separately (kcycr ami filter not included.)

Enough Power to Work the World

With 5 watts you'll have plenty1 of power to work the world even with a makeshift antenna.

Vou can use anv antenna with an SWR up lo 3:1. The MFJ 9020 is rugged enough withstand momentary antenna opens or shorts without damage.

If you're really imo QRP you can reduce your power dovsn to milliwatts.

A pleasing sine wave sidetone lets you monitor your sending.

You also gel quiet jdjusiahle semi-break-in and adjustable automatic transmit offset.

You'll get hours of battery operation — draws only 50 ma. receive. 1 amp transmit.

Looks Great!

The MFJ-9020 is housed in an attractive matte-black aluminum enclosure with a deluxe brushed-aluminum front panel and matched knob set. Machine screws and pressed-in PEM nuts are used — not sheet metal screws.

Has power-on LED. transmit LED and SO-239 coax connector for antenna.

Designed by Rick Littlefield, K1BQT

The MFJ-9020 was designed bv Rick Littlefidd, KlBOTi He's

____known worldwide for his reliable high-performance transceiver designs and countless articles.

K1BQT has given careful attention 10 board lav out, heatsinking, mechanical rigidity. voJtage regulation and component selection to ensure stable operation and long-term reliability.

It meets or exceeds all FCC requirements.

Comes TuHy assembled^ tested and guaranteed to work

Your factory built MFJ-9020 is ready to work DX right out of the box. It's not a kit of pans you have to put together and hope you can get to work.

Free MFJ-9020 Manual

Manual includes operating instructions, setting up your station. DX techniques, antenna suggestions, trouble shooting guide, theory of operation, alignment procedures, parts placement, schematic, pans list and more.

For free MFJ-9020 manual write or call NTFJ

Plug-in Kever and Narrow Filter (Optional)

MFJ-412 Curtis chip iambic kever, S39.95.

MFJ-726 narrow audio filter, 529.95, Has In/Oul switch.

Each plugs into MFJ-9020. Controls 011 rear panel. No sokierin^ or modifications needed.

No Matter What™ Guarantee

You gel MFJ's famous one year AJo Matter What™ unconditional guarantee. That means we will repair or replace your MFJ-9020 (at our option) no matter whai lor a full year.

Continuing Service

MFJ Customer Service Technicians will help you keep your MFJ-9020 performing flawlessly — no matter how long you own it. Just call our toll-free help line 800-647-TECHi 83241 - an MFJ exclusive.

Made in USA

The MFJ-9020 is made in the USA. Help our fellow Americans by keeping our money here — bu> Made in USA.

Call Your Favorite Dealer Today

Enjoy DXing and ragchewing wherever you go. Cafi your Favorite dealer today and get your MFJ-9020. Don't leave home without it!

Other Hands Available Soon

MFJ CW Transceivers for 15 Meters and other bands available soon. Watch for them.

MFJ Portable Operating Accessories

MFJ Portable Antenna Tuner MFJ Portable Power Pack

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