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Number 13 on your Feedbacfc card

Photo A. The NTSC ATV repeater is situated at the 1270-foot level of a commercial TV tower near the Dallas-Ft, Worth area. Photo taken by Robert Skegg VE7AH/W5 through a high-power lens.


54 73 Amateur Radio Today * June, 1992

is a vertically polarized corner reflector The general user input antenna is an 8-bay zig-zag omnidirectional horizontal antenna built by Steve Franklin WB5KGL To change the feed between general puipose users and the weather radar, a touch-tone command causes a relay to switch En one of the antennas. The capture effect of FM-TV allows the weather radar to run continuously without interfering with local users.

The Transmit Chain

The 421.25 MHz ATV transmitter system consists of a 2-wfltf exciter built by Steve Franklin WB5KGL, A Mirage D-100ATV, a 7-pole indigital fil ter built by Arlyn Stewart AA5BY, a pair of cavities donated by Andy Carstarphen WY5V and 45 feet of 1/2-Heliax and connectors donated by Merfe TayiorWB5EPL

The antenna array (constructed by Harold Reasnor K5SXK) consists of four horizontally polarized dipoles pfaced in a staggered arrangement down the face of a 6-fooMong, 6lh diameter section ol coaxial transmission line donated by Sandy Sandberg N5NBW, The staggered arrangement of the dipoles achieves a cardioid type pattern that favors the west, north and south. This pattern was chosen to avoid the possible multipath effects of the side-mounted antenna and to con-

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