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P,C. Electronics has introduced a new 10-watt TC70-10 70cm ATV transceiver. Any code-free Tech or higher licensee can easily have his or her own ATV station with the TC70-10, camcorder, TVt 70cm antenna, coax and power supply. Aimed at those who want a rugged aIMn-one-box unit for portable public sen/ice events or minimum operating table space in the shack, the rig is housed in a 7.5" x 7.5" x £.7" black die cast aluminum box. The TC70-10 is a stand-alone 10-watt version, like the original TC-1, which was just the right power level for most users for local simplex and repeater work, providing snow-free video up to 90 miles line of sight with 14 dBd beams. New features include an internal variable sync tip power control (from to up to 15 watts PEP) and sync stretcher to allow proper driving of the Mirage D1010-ATVN or RF Concepts 4-110 to their full PEP (100 watts) output without overdriving into sync or audio clipping, for the DXer. Separate volume controls are provided for a low impedance dynamic mike and line audio from a camcorder or VCR, which enables voice-over commenting while transmitting a home video tape. A video monitor output jack provides camera video for focus and lighting setup before transmitting, and true video RF detected at the final amp output En transmit for proper video gain adjustment The unit comes tuned with one customer-specified transmit crystal and a socket and switch for an optional second crystal. The power supply requirement is 12 to 13 VDC at 3 amps.

The TC70-10 is priced at $499. For more information, contact P.C. Electronics, 2522 Paxson Lane, Arcadia CA 91007; (818) 447-4565, Fax: (818) 447-0489. Or circle Reader Service No. 205.

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