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Many ATV repeaters and individuals are retransmitting Space Shuttle Video & Audio from their TVRO's tuned to Satcom F2-R transponder 13, Others may be retransmitting weather radar during significant storms. If it is being done in your area on 70 CM - check page 413 in the 91-92 ARRL Repeater Directory or call us, ATV repeaters are springing up all over - all you need is one of the TVC-4G ATV 420-450 MHz downconveters, add any TV set to ch 2, 3 or 4 and a 70 CM antenna- We also have downconverters and antennas for the 900 and 1200 MHz amateur bands. In fart we are your one stop for all your ATV needs and info. Hams, call for our complete ATV catalog - antennas, transceivers, amplifiers. We ship most items within 24 hours after you call


2522-WG Paxson Lii Arcadia CA 91007 Maryann (WBGYSS)

Number 30 on your Feedback card

8,000 Channels for the Ramsey FX-146

See the above article in the June '$2 issue of 73, page 10. Although the PC board toil pattern and the parts placement diagram are correct as shown, the schematic diagram (Figure T) has Ihree errors Ttie "+RFT and the "-RPT lines are reversed in the schematic and the value of the capacitor attached to Ihe Vcc fead on the bottom EPROM should be changed trom a 0.1 \xf value to 10 jiF In ackJilion, Ihe program to detemiine the EPROM frequency select dala is missing ihe divide by" symbols in lines 70 and 90, Also, the values in lines 100, 110 and 120 have been changed in the new versron. See the figure tor the correct program. This pro gram is also available irom ihe 73 88S at (603) 924-9343 under Me Wename ""FX146MOD.EAS." Cecil A. Moore KG7BK

Ask Kaboom

In the June '92 Kaboonf column the following sentence was inadvertantly changed: "instead of sending the same byte over and over, the delta modulator simply sends it once analog with a code telling the demodulator now many times it is to repeat." The sentence should read: "Instead of sending the same £>y/e over and over, the delta modulator simply sends it once, along with a code telling the demodulator how many times it i$ to repeat"

Michael Geier KB1UM

The BASIC program for obtaining the HEX address and HEX memory contents for the two EPROMs is listed below;

30 FF^tF-HOOOOT) /1Q TtYS^FF 40 CTFF%=FTF* HOD LO ; F?T* "FFF*\ ID 50 MOO 10 ITr**rFFl\t0

60 HFFf=FFF* HOD 10;FFF^=TFF»\;0 70 *3Ri=UFF%\2+TrFfc*fi+HFFl»12S+FFr**204S 6 0 FL.2ATA*-H% HOC IS 6 90 FKDATM=t£*\25&

100 IF F>=H51D0' THEH IF F<1*5SOO ■ THEN FKDA7A*=PHDA?A* + l2 9

110 TF F>«H££0O! TttEM IF F<H7000' THEN FE3ATAi=FiCA7A» + l 2 B

120 -T fM47QQ0* THUJ IF FO-tTiOO1 THES +



15C :F 7HLN 3QTt> ISO


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