Vinyl Carry Case

CC12 - Padded Black Vinyl carrying cane for 2300 size LED Counters $ 12

CC30 - Padded Black Vinyl carrying case for 3000 size LCD counters $ 15


TA10QS Telescoping Whip Antenna $ 12

Antenna Packs:

Ant-Pak 1 (includes RD27, RD800, TAIOOS-Save $11) $ 65

Ant-Pak2 (includes five assorted rubber ducks, 27-lOOOMt Iz - Save $32.) $ 99


P30 - Counter/Oscilloscope probe - for direct coupling to signal sources or circuit test points. Ix/10x, switchable $ 35

P101- Low-Pass probe attenuates RF noise from Audio frequencies. Has two stage low

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order UN: 1-800-327-5912

5821 NE 14th Ave, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33334

5% Ship/Handling (Max $10) U.S. & Canada. 15% outside continental LIS. Visa, Master Card, C.O.D., Cash or Money Order only.

The world's finest hand held multifunction counter -incorporates many unique functions usual]v found only in very expensive bench models. Designed for virtually ¿very measurement application from near DC through Microwave including measuring RF transmission frequencies at the maximum possible distance. The 3000 is also the world's first HandiCounfer® with Periixl, Time Interval and Ratio measurement capability. &

Classified as Communication Test Instrument -Increase your RF Security!! 359.

Handi-Counter 3000

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