AR1993 ARRL 1993 Hand hook (63th Etf.)

chapter fey luring 2,[GU tables figures and chills. Comprehensive, wdJ and affordable,

AR10ee^ ARHL Operating Manuaf (4th Ed)

Information on how to mike ihe best use of your station, including; interfacing home ei?m patera OSCAR. VHF-IJHF, SI7,00

AR0154 Antenna Compendium Vol. 1

li-iis On vert ¡oafs. triads. loops, yagj^ reduced size arisermaH. tntlun>. Smith Charts antenna puliarizia-lion. $ 10.00

AR3545 Antenna Compendium Vol, 2 Coven; verticals, yagi^. quails multitiaiid and broadband systems, antenna selection. $ 12.00

AR2626 Companion Software for Antenna Compendium VoL 2 5 t/4'+ MS-DOS floppy. $ttt00

ARQ4BE W1 FB'S Antenna Notebook by Doug DcMdu- WIFE Get the best performance out ofun-obtriisi^e wife antennas ¡md verticals Build tuneni fcndSWR bridge*.

ARQ340 QRP Notebook by D<wif Pwfyefw WIFB Ptesrrtis construction projects Tor tlie QRP operaior. Sy.SO

AR4141 WIFB's Design Notebook by thug DcMow WIFB Filled with simple practical projects rl;:n can be huilt gsinj: readily available components common hand IOOJS,

AR220Q Antenna Impedance Matching hy

Witfirid N, CarOU Musi comprehcit^ivc bOvk wril-ten on usSmith Hurts in soJvanjj impedance tnaichityg problems. £15,00

ARQ402 Solid State Design Good liiisic in form ii1 i LJ3i. circuit Jessies jflnd applications: descriptions of receivers Iran sm [iters. power supplier. and test equipment. SI2,00

AR3193 Weather Satellite Handbook (4th Ed.) hy Dr. Ralph Tugs an WBSDQT Expanded amJ revised to reflect tadij^s weather-la* saiellite technology,

AR3290 Companion Software for Weather Satellite Handbook 5 1/4" MS-DOS Floppy. $10.00

AR3291 Now You're Talking!: Discover the

World of Ham Radio. Covers everything you need to know to earn your first Amateur Radio license, More lban a study quide, this book will help you select equipment for ¿■out harm radio station and explain io sei it up—every tEiing you'll need lo know to ¡¡ct on the air! itflJJfl'

AR3292 Your Introduction io Morse Code; Practice Cassettes Kit includes iwg % minute cassette tapes. Prepares you tbj the 5 WPM Morse ccule evum lotan^ your Novice [jceiue or add hijjt-frgqueney worldwide communications privileges to yftir ciKJtfrtc Technician licence. 5100

AR0437 ARRL Repealer Direclory 19921993 E 9.(HJ0+ I i ¡>tin wiji Jjj d ii; i ¡leate rc. band p I arts. Cross (PUTM» lone chart, frequency courd main^, A kKL .special service ciuhsh and beacon lisl-intis frnm 14 MH/ id 24GHz. S6.00

AR1033 The DXCC Companion by Jim Kcarman KRiS Spells nut in simple, straight forward lemis vr\wi you need to be j mjtcessi'ul DXti. 56.00

AR125Q Log Book—Spiral $J.S0

ARA341 interference Handbook RFI .sleuth's experience in solving inlerferenee prttblenu. SI 2.00

ARE 197 ARRL Data Book Valuable aid to ihe RF design engineer, technician, riidio amateur, and experiments?. S12,f)0

AR2960 Transmission Line Transformers (2nd Eci,) by Dr. Jerry Sevick W2FMI Practical ileMgn.s mid specific infGrmairitjn on cunitruvtiun techniques ^nd spurees [jf materia], $-20,00

AR041Q Yagi Anienna Design A Mm Radio series polished and expanded hy Dr. Lawson.

AR2171 Hints and Kinks idejs for.setting np yuur i^car Fof comfortable, cfFicieill operation. $S,00

AR31S9 QRP Classics Compilation of AKRL publications on building receivers, transmitters, iriui see ¡vers, accessorieii, $12-00

ARRL License Manuals Complete FCC question pools with answers.

AR2375 Te ch n ic ia n C\ass S6.00

AR2353 General Class S6.00

AR0136 Advanced Class S6.00

AR2391 Extra Class 58.0C

AR31S5 The Satellite Experimenter's Handbook, (2nd EdO by Muriin Davidvff K2UBC Ea-pandLxl and re:vised. Focusing tin satelliics hut It by and ft?r the inlemational rutiid nmuteur community, S20,00

AR0477 Low Band Ditirtg

How to meet tlie challen^ of the dilierent forms uf lii(>r Kl), and mcier pretpajiatiijn wiLh effective antennas, equipment, and operatiEin siratejjies, 410,00

AR245G FCC Rule Book (fith £dr) A must for every ¿aire radio amateur. S5LOO

AR203G Your Gateway to Packet Radio (2nd Ed*) Tells everything you need tn know about this popular new mode. S-12.<10

73T05 "Genesis" S5.95

5 wpm -This, be ^ inn in l; (ape. lakes you iJirou^h the 2fi leiiei^j 10 numbtri. and necessary punc-tu;ili(irj, corniiletc with practice every ste^ Lif llu way.

73T06 uThe Stickler' $5,95

6-+ ivpm-This is the practice tape for those x^hn sur-mid she 5 wpnn tape., and iis also the ippe for [he Novice and Technician licenses. Ii is cDm[]rised of one solid hour of ende. Characters are stil II 13 wpm and spaced ut 5 wpm.


S53755 Warningl The Electribity Around You May Be Hazardous To Your Health by

Etlen Stiganwt i An in valuable jitiide to the rists of electionia^neiie iields and steps you can take io protect yuurselfand your family, $1 LOO

AR2103 Satellite Anthology The latest information on OSCARs 9 through as weSI as the RS sjTelfites, the use of digital modes, tracking antennas, KU DAK. microcomputer and more! 15,00

AR2398 Space Almanac by Anthony R. Curtts K3KXK Rccent news from s]>ace. S20.(I0

AR2063 Complete DX'er (2nd Ed,) by Hob

Locker W9KNt l-Ciirn hov io hunt DX arid []htLLin hard-tu^et QSL cards. S12.00

AR2065 ARRL Antenna Book

The new 16th Ed i I ion represents die best iuld most highly rcgaided inlormation on aniemia fundimerH lais. trjnsmi^ion lines, desijai, and consmiction of re oniennas; 5i20.0fl

AR32S3 Morse Code: The Essential Language by l. Pcler Carroii Jr. W3DKV Expanded and m vised in its 2nil ediiion. Huw io handle disiress calls heard not only on The ham bands hut on maritime and aircraft frequenties. $6.00

73T13 Ba ck Breaker31 S5,95

13+ wpm—Code groups a^aiii. at a brisk 13+ wpm so you'll be really at ease when you s La down in Frcml of a steely-eyed vohuiteer e.tamincr who starts sending you plain Louage code at ohly 13 per,

73T2Ü "Courageous" S5.95 20-t wpm ConiirtitulaHoï)^ Okay, the ehallensie of code is wbai's ^oftcn \ou this far, so don't qutt now. Go for the extra class Eicease. We send nhe code faste: than 20 per.

Wayne's Book "We the peopie31 Declare War! On Our Lousy Government by Wayne Greett A ,hmusl rcatl" ftir every American iax-payer. Soluiions to evejry problem facinj: our government today.

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