USED AND NEW AMATEUR RADIO, SWL. AND SCANNERS. We buy, sell, consign and trade. All used equipment has 30 day warranty. Western PennsyĆ­vania newest Amateur Radio supplier. For Hams Only, (412) 825-9450, Robb KE3EE. 3NB929

RADIO REPAIR Amateur and commercial professional work. Fred Fisher WF9Q, 6866 W. River Rd., South Whitley IN 46787. (219) 723-4435. BNB930

LITHIUM BATTERY PACKS: 15V, 15AH; high amperage oulpu!. Light weight (2.06 lbs.) $12.50 ea,r case of 12 @ $130.00, 3V, 7.5AH MD" celis 5 @ $10.00. S & G ELECTRONIC, 618 S. 62nd St., Philadelphia PA 19143, S.A.S,E. 215-474-7663. BNB 931

SUPER QRP CW TRANSMITTERS-^ ready! Best global value/lowest cost. Fixed, portable, beacon, balloon, hunts. RYAN COMMUNICATIONS, 111-E Camelot Rd., Portersviile PA 16051. USA. (412) 366-3859, See display ad, this issue.

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