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AM SAT Has Established Amateur Radio As a Permanent Resident in Space!

From operating any of 12 Amateur satellites circfing the globe today to participating in Amateur Radio activities from the Space Shuttle, the benefits of space based Amateur Radio are available to you by becoming an AMSAT member. Our volunteers design, build and launch state-of-the-art satelites for use by Radio Amateurs the world over. We provide educational programs that teach our young people about space and Amateur Radio, Most of all, we provide our members with an impressive array of member benefits including:

* Operating aides such as discounted tracking software and land line BBS.

" An extensive network of volunteers to provide you local technical assistance,

* The AMSAT Journal, your bi-monthly periodical devoted to the Amateur Space program,

JOIN TODAY, For more informal ion t call or write for your free information packett Or send your dues nowt check or charge: $30 $36 Canada/Mexico, $45 all else, ($15 towards the AMSAT journal.)

CIRCLE 110 on reader service CARD

Modem, Htgh-Periormance Stations use Antennas, Duplexers, Triplexers and Accessories!

CX-224 CA-2 xmS

wave 5/a wave x 3

44EMHz G.CrtB Max Power:

V&wavexZ 150 walls FM

Max Power: 130 walls Length: 4M0"

Length: 3r Connector

Connector: UHF {PL-259)

NMO (CX-224NM0)

CA-2K4SR B-20 B^IO

UmHi 3.BdB 146MHz 2.15cfB 14&MH? OdB

s/s wave Vi wave Jh wave

446MHz G.2fia 446 MHz SrfB 446IYI Hz 2.16d B

Max Power: Max Power: SO waits Max Power: 5D watts

150 watk FM Length: 30" Lenglh: T2,r

Length: 3r 4H Connector; Connector:

32M-70cm DUPLEXERS CF-416A: All UHF Coftns w/teads Power: 146MHz &00W CF.41c.0iC: AW UHF Ccnns w/o Leads <U5MHz 500W CF-i 1GQI: pi(M but 440 Input


Gain 4 Wave: 146MHz 6-SttB s/s wave x2 446 m 9-0dB Vs wave 15 Max Power: 200 watts Length 10't Connector: UHF (50 £39)

Gainé Wave: 146MHz S.SriB

wave 446MHz GM V» wave x 2 Max Power: 150 watts Length: 3J 5h Connector: UHF (PL-259)

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