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neciion of your interface to the parallel port.

The program in Listing 3 assumes you have LFT1 with a base port of 378 hexa-decimal. If you want to use LPT2 or a parallel printer port that is included in your monochrome video adapter, I hen change line 40 to reflect the port address. See Figure 3 for the possible port addresses.


It is very possible lhat stray RF will bounce around between the transceiver and your PC through the interface circuitry. All connections between the interface and the rig are shunted with 0.1 pF capacitors. In my setup, I found about 10 frequencies that are unusable because of these stray signals. Fortunately, nine of them are on unused frequencies, leaving one that sits on a packet frequency, You can block these frequencies from your scanning by creating a frequency intercept table in your program, if you so desire.

'ITic 5106 synthesizer is slow when locking onto a new frequency. This means that you won't be able to make your radio scan quickly like today's commercial scanners. However, you can successfully scan up to five frequencies per second. The actual scanning rate can be increased or decreased, depending on the squelch selling. I found that if I turn the squelch down very near the

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