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The "Pill Bottle Antenna Tune^ from DWM ENTERPRISES is equipped with just two rugged parts: the tuner's inductor, made From a pilJ bottle: and durable #22 wire wound and tapped at various intervals aJong ¡he coil to cover the GO through 10 meter bands. An alligator clip is used to tap the individual bands.

Tuning for SWR Es accomplished with a nigh quality Jackson Brothers 365 pF variable capacitor, The inductor and variable capacitor are mounted on cedar wood stock, giving the tuner a beautiful old fashioned look. Fahnestock ctips are used for input and output connections. A variety of antenna designs can be used with Ihis tuner, and experimenta lion is encouraged, it has been tested 1o over 150 watts output without arcs or sparks. It is great for both QRP and QftO, for portable or shack operation. for new rigs or old.

The "Pill Bottte Antenna Tuner ts priced at $27, plus S3 S á Hf and comes completely assembled and bench tested. For more information, contact DWM ENTERPRISES, 1709 N. West Avenue, Suite 103, Jackson Ml 49202; (517) 563-2784, Or circle Reader Service No. 203.

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