fm stereo transmitter

Run ymir n»n steroo 1 M 'iiiition! TraninnNt a :^nble signal initu Mandafd FMbro«dCBVl bandthroughtjutlhe housL-, domi or nejgii bor hood Connecis easily lo kne otfputs on CD ptoye) tape deck* tic Runs on SV battery, tias internal »iKtenernaj aniennapack Add our case set «or a stai<vi took1

FV-10M SM95

Uaithng case set CFM S12 9S

aircraft rcvr f^aniasl* 'ete W VM capt^,'-Ls the *ilh ■nil j 12" antenna1 Can retiive 2 MRj po^Miin from4 11 vhj t'lhj stif^hel hai vnocrth Yarftdv tw^g HF gajn contro« c^ i! ^ o" sp? ' K ■ me ¿n^ rg 11 * 9n 1 9V tHdery Fssc:naT;ng Stajui school or P^Ofec-provides hours of tun tar even me most serious OXer Tur it^ car conwier our ahomnve convs-ter Hrtlchable Osnds fm 3-S2 MHz 'ancje). each 1 V4i *i> w?—lunable on yctur car radw dial /ir)d some mfernsl to your drive fromm

Shortwave teceivar kil. SRI . $29 95

Shonwave convener knt. SCt S2 r

Male hing case slu for SRI CSFl $l?95

Maiching case tot SCI.CSC stifts

^HMt tpUCi

íJÚ mlíí>M m^ems jlM ^ '-iiftlb »«a-rt4* p*' h * ap- n r t j ri 1

Hei' MCrtiog aifcnft commjnicatiOra—p<ck up ptarws jp to too miles Pe*.^ t 10-tac MHz aw a* band ïrnooth vararte* lutrtd «nth 4QC

r n■. !',rrr ciiiiLjSiaPli fiiiupiih, exceptant ^ens tEVTy lots oi soaker volume Runs on 9V bahory Ûreat for air shows ur just hanging uround iho airport1 New 30-pagfí manual details pilot lâlk. too Add oass sel for Jlpro" look.

AR.Ikrt S24 95

Matching case sei CAR St2 9S

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