Inline Preamp

• Available for the 50-54, 143-174. 213233, 420-475, 902-923 MHz bands.

*FGG type accepted for commercial service (hi-band and uhf].

• Rugged exciter and PA, designed for continuous duty.

• Power out 20W 5G-54MHz; 15W (25W option avail.) 143-174MHz; 15W 213233 MHz; 10Wuhf; 10W 902 926MHz.

• Six courtesy beep types, including two pEeasant multi-tone bursts,

«Open or closed access auto patch, toll-call restrict, auto-disconnect,

• Reverse Auto patch, two types: auto-answer or ring tone on the air.

• Pulse {rotary) dial option available.

• DTMF CONTROL: over 45 functions can be controlled by dtmf command, 4-digit control code for each function,

• Owner can inhibit autopetch or re peater, enable either open or closed access for repeater or autopatch, and enable toll calls, reverse patch, kerchunk filter, site alarm, aux revr. and other options.

*Cw speed and tone, beep delay, tail timer, and courtesy beep type can be changed at any time by owner password protected dtmf commands,

• Auxiliary receiver input for control or cross linking repeaters.

• Many built-in diagnostic and testing functions using microprocessor,

• Color coded LED's indicate status of all major functions.

• Wei dec rf-tight partitions for exciter, pa, receiver, and controller,

• 3!£ inch aluminum rack panelr finished En eggshell white and black.

TD-3 SUBAUDIBLE TONE DECODERS ENCODER Adjustable for any tone, Designed especially for repeaters, with remote control activate/deactivate provisions kit $29, wired fit tes Led $69


• GaAs FET Preamp with features similar to LNG series, except automatically switches out of line during transmit.

Use with base or mobile transceivers up to 25W. Tower mounting brackets incl.

*Tuning range; 120-175, 200-240r or 400-500.

COR-3 REPEATER CONTROLLER. Features adjustable tail and time-out timers, sol id-state relay, courtesy beep, and local speaker amplifier kit $49

Diode programmed any time in the field, adjustable tone, speed, and timer, to go with COR-3 kit $59

Complete COR and CWJD ail on one board for easy construction. CMOS logic for low power consumption. Many new fealures. EPROM programmed; specify call kit $99, w&t $159

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