M Cw Transmitters

.lc 11 fun on ÜRPi Thousands or r.'iose mini-ri^, Myîï baen sofd ana tons of DX contacts have öaea mativ Imagine working Easlofn Europi'1 ^-.th a £30 Irjmsrpi.i reí—Ih^fs h¿m raj'. Its besl! CW rigs are idual maies 10 the rectora at ngm They have iwo-posiiion -, díiabie crystal control o^e popuijí ORP XT AL mclud-edi o^d war^ o-jîpur andtjdv-r swflch Run* on

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tSpftirty Mnd » 40 or SO I

Maicttng case 1 unob set CORP ti£ 95

e-zkey cmos keyer

Bend periecl cw Wlthin an hour ot recaavjng itiis k-r Easy-io-buiid kd has sidelone osclllatot. speed connol ann k+i mofit j 11 y 11 .t'iüm irter Runs 1 or moni hs dt . i 9V baiipry mamdd ^ves ioiös on maiing »egr own key tor tKln aavm^s Ado our malching c-4i-F «ei tof corrileie SUtif>"i loq*

20,30.40, DOM All Mode RECEIVERS

Bu<id your own mini hiim stalion Seniiirve all-mode AM. CVY, SSB receivt-r-. u&p direct con^orsion design with NFS02 IC as featured In QST and ARRL handbooks Vary sens^e vnroclor tuned ovm entire band Plenly nr speaKer volume Runs on 9V b^tlery Very EASY 10 bwld. lots of fun and edueatr&nel—io&al lor beginnpf oroidpro Wt * 30-psge manual Adclihecaw set lw weU-i:?i9d pro*e»SK>nal loot ychk etiotee Of tandi S29 95

iSpKify band HR-20. HR-». HR -ec- HS^O: VTaictvig case & knob CHR H 2.95

2, 6,10 mtr, 220 fm receivers active antenna

Crampeo for sp-icC Get kmg^irp' poflormance «nh Ihis desktop antrjnn^. Properly designed unrt has dual HF and VHF oircullry and buill-ln whip anlenne, as well as exiernaJ ¡nek RF gain cDnirni nnd 9V operairon rnuke^ jnM ukini tor SWLsr traveling hatns or ecann#f buhs who need holler *ecepiw The matching case and knob sei pvrc me utii i. hundred doriar ¿oo*1 AA^TKia

Mjiithirgtaiai^noosel-CAA _____ St? 95

speech scrambler

Cornrnurttcate WH? c-^e* pnone or radio K l features liA duplen operation using frequency inversion Both mike and speaker or I mo in/out conncctiofii Easy hookup tn itny radio, and telephone use rfiquirr1^ no direct conneciiont Easy to build 3 IC circuit. Can also bv used to descmniDio many radio signals Fin ish yout kil off Willi 1 ht? handsome case & knob sei

shortwave receiver

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