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Figure h interface wiring for the CP-7.

TNC J was using was unable to d├ęcode any of the multiple RTTY signals within the receiver audio passband.

HBased on the experience i had, ( can highly recommend the DSP-12 to any RTTY contester as a piece of equipment well worth the price. On the other hand, maybe you Should not tell anyone about this, and Jet me keep the sec ret r

You don't have to be in Hong Kong Jo drop me a note. Reach me on CompuServe ai ppn 75036T2501; Delphi at usemame MarcWASAJR; or America Oniine at screen name MarcWA3AJR,

Sure, you can write me at the above address as well. Just write, I really do want to hear from you,

QA M Amateur ^ad/o wn/W Callsign Database

For your PC Compatible. Find Hams by Callsign or Name. Browse thru calls. Full export by GTH with custom output. All U.S. and Canada Calls. Ideal for mailing lists, QSLs, etc. Uses 16 MB Hard Disk. High Density Floppy (1.44 or 1.2) required for install. Updates and options available. Interfaces to LOGict LogMaster, HyperLog and others. Demo disk S3 00.

County Cross Reference Option adds county to address info. Lookup or export all Hams in a county. Only S7.50.

CpOSi, 3O Bo* 8. Laceys Spnng, AL 35754

$5 s* visamc 205-882-9292

"Our products speak... for themselves'

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