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The new model ATH-15 from Startek International Is a frequency counter/

frequency finder with an instant-reading RF signal-strength bar graph in a pocket-size aluminum cabinet. The fast response time and ATH™ {automatic trigger and hold) feature on this unit offer a distinctEy new and improved feel to the operation of a portable frequency counter. The ATH-15 can read frequencies from 1 MHz to 1500 MH2, and the 10-segjnent £"-iong LED bar graph can give an instant RF signal-strength indication from signals below 1 MHz to over 4 GHz. There are two ranges with three selectable gate times on each range; maximum resolution is 10 Hz. The new ATH feature eliminates random counting

Startek Ath

and false readings. The response time from the beginning of the input signal to a stable accurate display has been dramatically reduced,

The ATH-15 comes with factory-installed NiCd batteries. It is housed in a rugged, attractive black anodized aluminum cabinet measuring 3.5" x 4" x V, and weighing about nine ounces. The ATH-15 as $£35h the CC-90 case is $13 and the TA-90 antenna is Si2. For more information, contact Startek International, Inc., 398 N.E. 38th St., Ft Lauderdale FL 33334; (305) 561-2211, (800) 638-8050L Fax: (305) 561-9133. Or circle Reader Service No. 202.

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