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ZOW J. the world n mc-^t popular low-cost ^ervn o m<nn\-Far stopl 11 u or umaJI, lhe COM-3 diïl-*rers .invflnceO rapñMliiifl^ for a lantatic price—arwj Our n&w lea» pco-gram alyou tonwnaCOM-3 For test than $3 TO a day fealurofl »OlWüt <? n fry keyboaro vv-fii ipi oqrnrrirnntHi? memory »Audio 1 transmitter Frequency Cûurtlei »LED bar graph Irequency/tbúr deviaiion display I 10.000 [iV Z1 jLf.i-.ji levels *High reraire sensitivity, less than 5 \¡v ■ 1 DO tMj to 9995 MH? 'Continuous frequency courage 'Tranimii protaciion, jp to 100 waits »CT5 lone encoder 1 ■ H; :ind hiemal modulation


FmaJly, a low-coal lab quaMy signal generaior—a Irue aJlemalive to lhe $/.!>tUi generators The RSG-10 .i hard working hut ^asy io ush yeneranoi iaea] for itwi lab as wall as for product ion last Lias« it Tor less than $3,00 * day. Features -100 ki ]/ io £99 MM/ *ii>0 Hz resolution to 500 Mhte. 200 Hz abavp - 130 to + f 0 dBm Dulpul fringe

1 d& output rcwlutton *AM and FM modulation programmable memories "Ouipyl selecnoi* in voli*. dB dfirn with Instant ccwWi/rgkm between umte *RF output r^yvrM power protected *LED display ol all panme ;er&—no analog gut1 ^worfc1

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