Sako Hasegawa

March 10, 1929 to June 12, 1993

Founder, Chairman of the Board Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

As an electronic engineer and amateur radio experimenter. Mr. Hasegawa introduced Single Sideband Radio telephony to amateur hands in Japan in 1956. He constructed SSB generators based on the works of his contemporaries in the US, and soon had many requests for complete transmitters and receivers, in 1959 he incorporated Yaesu Musen C&, Ltd. to meet the demand far this equipment. From iiis inspiration and under his guidance, the company developed the FT-lOl transceiver which revolutionized amateur radio. His spirit of innovation and engineering excellence continued with the development of Yaesus flagship transceiver, FT-100Q, that has set a standaoJ by which other top flight transceivers are compared. Mr. Hasegawa was known throughout the company as a hands-on president, taking personal interest not only in the lives and work of each of his employees, but in everyone who chose to use Yaesu equipment.

His call sign, JA1MP became well known in many countries. He was awarded the first Japanese RTTY WAC award in 19711 and remained active in amateur radio and associated activities throughout his life, During the 1980's he co-founded and served as president of the Japan Amateur Industry Association.

As a testimony to Mr. Hasegawa's pioneering spirit and interest in technological advancement, Yaesu has become a leading manufacturer of radio communications equipment throughout the world.

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