Nemal Electronics International

Nemal Electronics international has introduced a new line of composite RF/control cables for use in two-way communications, and especially for amateur radio applications. The "HAM-CABLE" is constructed of a coaxial cable and an eight-conductor rotor cable with an overlay weather-resistant jacket. Available versions include RG8, RG8X, and RG213 for coaxial members with either standard 8C1322 or heavy-duty 3C1620 for rotor control. Part number HC100 consists of RGB low-loss foam, together with 8C1S22 and a black jacket. Other constructions and other colors are available by special order For additional information, please contaci Nemal Electronics International, Inc., 1224QN.E. 14th Ave,, North Miami FL 33161; (305) 8990900, Fax: (305) 895-8176. Or circle Reader Service Mo. 203.

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